How to get to Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

About Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is a 72-acre landscape garden with 150 species of herbs and 75,000 plants, located on the southern slope of Mount Rokko.
The Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden in Mt. Rokko is a paradise in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can enjoy the scent and color of the flowers. When you arrive at the herb garden on the hillside by the “Dream Wind Boat” cable car, you will be attracted by the fragrance, yes, welcome to the “greenhouse of perfume cultivation”.

The Herb Garden is a very medieval European-style complex with quaint cottages and a bustling courtyard. In the Rose Symphony Garden, we can visit a variety of roses that are growing in perfect condition and are the perfect raw material for making fragrances. In the perfume sample museum exhibits a lot of ancient and modern fragrance distillers, but also a detailed introduction to the past life of perfume, there are hundreds of perfume samples for visitors to try one by one, when you encounter a favorite flavor, you might as well vote for it, write some mood quotes oh.

The upstairs of the European-style main building of the vanilla garden is a special restaurant, the restaurant cleverly uses different spices to cook food, so their dishes can be considered a veritable full range of color, aroma and taste. In the garden, there are many tropical plants such as pineapples, plantains and even curry plants in the glass greenhouse, which you can see in the greenhouse.

How to get there

Take the JR train to Shin-Kobe Station, get off at Kitano 1-chome Station (5 minutes walk) → transfer to the Shin-Kobe Ropeway and get off at Bunin Herb Garden Station (10 minutes walk)

Herb Gardens Top Station, Yamagōri Fukiaichō, Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi, Hyōgo-ken 651-0058


The scenery is quite good, but the past time the leaves are basically not, although the forecast is red.

Do the cable car to the top of the mountain a bird’s eye view of the port of Kobe, the whole mountain is a very beautiful garden, there are a variety of flowers and plants garden, there are stores at the top of the mountain, brought back some seeds.

In May of spring, there are flowers in every corner, enjoyable! The original thought is a small garden, the results played most of the day, very exquisite and beautiful garden. 200 kinds of 75,000 flowers according to the theme of careful rest, particularly elegant and petty super leisure garden. The glass greenhouse and the restaurant are also very beautiful, and it is recommended to have an afternoon tea there.

Last time I went there, the weather was very good, and I was lucky enough to have a variety of small flower gardens along the way, and I was very happy to have a small garden at the top of the hill, so I could sunbathe and eat snacks and look down on the mountains and flowers.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the Inhabitant Street, so you can tour together. If you have taken a discount coupon at the tourist center at Kazami Chicken House, you can get a discount here ~ 1400 yen for a round trip cable car after the discount. Take the cable car to the top, walk all the way to the middle, and then take the cable car back to the starting position. There is also a small hot spring where you can soak your feet in the greenhouse at the top of the mountain, and it’s okay if you don’t have a towel, 100 yen a piece, soak and wipe your feet. The greenhouse is not as big as the Shanghai Tatsuyama Botanical Garden ~ the whole garden area is large enough. There are a lot of flowers and spices along the way, but unfortunately it is the end of November, there are no flowers. Spring and autumn must be very beautiful.

In February, there were no flowers outdoors, but there was a large greenhouse, which had many blooming flowers. There is also an outdoor hot spring footbath on the hill, where you can soak your feet while watching the scenery.

When you come down from Shin-Kobe Station, you can take the Kobe Cable Car out of the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel and go directly to the Eika Meadow Station. The scenery on the way is awesome, you can see the whole Kobe port.

It’s a fun place where herbs are planted along the hillside, and the cable car goes up the hill to see the whole Kobe port. There are many plants, and they are always being replaced, so it’s good to take the elderly and children for a walk. There are also foot baths in the mountain, so you can soak and watch the scenery. There is a 500 yen egg cone on the cable car, which is very delicious.

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