How to get to Fuchi Shrine

About Fuchi Shrine

Fuchi Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Inasazu, so if you want to take the cable car to Inasazu, you will definitely pass by this shrine, but recently, due to maintenance, the cable car is not available until February 5, 2016, so there is no need to take the cable car for sightseeing.

If you want to take the Nagasaki city tram is not directly to this side of the shrine, you can only take the No. 1 or No. 3 line to Haocho station down, and then walk one to twenty minutes to arrive there, halfway across a cross-sea bridge, or quite beautiful; if you take the city bus is much more convenient, you can directly in the fuchi shrine Haozhu kindergarten side down, Nagasaki station in front of a taxi to go there for only a few hundred yen.

This shrine is not big, just at the foot of the mountain, and it is still a red torii inside, because it is not famous, so the people who come here to worship are mainly residents of the neighborhood. There is a small kindergarten next to the shrine, which is the Baoju Kindergarten, a typical Japanese kindergarten.

How to get there

Takaramachi (Nagasaki) Station [Exit] 13 min. walk


A straight river flowed calmly through the city and into the sea; the houses on both sides of the river were built on the mountain, gradually spreading upwards along the mountain, you see I always bother to describe the photos already on the screen, it would have been very visual, and I often run out of words, so here I will not continue to describe anon (oh yeah finally make up the word count to make this paragraph look not so short haha…)

I happened to see a golf course or baseball field (↑), it is said that on this lawn, Masaharu Fukuyama had a concert, when Uncle Fukuyama’s appearance was by helicopter airborne to …… I want to say, as the most famous star “from Nagasaki”, you can really do whatever you want hahaha…

The reason why I say “all the lights” is because the neon glow of the stars comes from the “electricity” of Nagasaki citizens. There are not too many giant billboards, nor blinding swaying around green “fascinating beams”, behind each tiny dot of light, may be a scene of ordinary people’s lives, and what they make up, is the warmth and softness of the city.

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