【Sightseeing】Dazaifu Tenmangu

Dazaifu Tenmangu (太宰府天満宮) is Tenman Shrine situated in Fukuoka. It is the highest point of every one of the Tenman Shrines.

Tenman Shrine reveres Sugawara no Michizane who is the lord of training and knowledge. Accordingly, numerous guests love Dazaifu Tenmangu for their instructive accomplishment in school. Around 7 million guests venerate each year.


Dazaifu Tenmangu is situated on the grave of Sugawara no Michizane who is considered as the divine force of the training and insight today. Mihizane was conceived in Kyoto in 845.

He was exceptionally virtuoso since he was extremely youthful. He succeeded as Scholar, lawmaker and essayist. He turned into the Minister of the Right in Japanese majestic court, yet later he was politically lost his position and demotioned to Dazaifu.

He was moved to Dazaifu and passed on in 903. When he passed on, his body was conveyed by a bovine truck. Sooner or later, the bovine quit moving and never moved again. Individuals thought it was the will of Michizane and they covered where he halted. That is present area of the primary corridor of Dazaifu Tenmangu. His grave was made in 905, and the holy place was set up in 919 by Emperor Daigo.


Later, he was sealed his guiltlessness and entitled “Tenmandaijizaitenjin.” The most regularly, he is known as “Tenjin-sama.” Since then, he was profoundly regarded as the divine force of instruction and shrewdness.

Tobiume (Flying Plum)

Tobiume is a plum tree found right by the primary corridor. This plum was planted in Michizane’s greenhouse in Kyoto. At the point when Michizane was moved to Dazaifu, this plum tailed him the distance from Kyoto to Daziafu in one night.

Kusunoki (Camphor Tree)

There are numerous camphor trees in the region, and them one are more than 1,000 year’s old.


Major Matsuri

Kyokusui no En : First Sunday of March.

Spring Matsuri: in Spring Equinox.

Kamigami no utage: in September 20 to 25.

Uncommon custom function for Education: October 18.

Official Web: http://www.dazaifutenmangu.or.jp/en

Open: 6:00 (the middle of March to the middle of September) other 6:30.
Close: 20:00 June 1 to August 31. other 19:00


use Fukuoka Subway to Tenjin,then walk.


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