【Naha】Hatsumode at Okinawa Gokoku Shrine

I went to Okinawa Gokoku Shrine to pay my first visit to the shrine.

This shrine is located near Okumuyama Park. It is located near the Okubuyama Park Station on the Yui Rail.

The Okinawa Gokoku Shrine, which was established in 1936, attracts a large number of worshippers as one of Okinawa’s most popular places for New Year’s visits.

A stall. The place is filled with delicious smells.

It is known because it is located in the center of Mt. Okumu, which is known as a powerful power spot.

This stadium is also used for the Yomiuri Giants spring training camp.

Cellular Stadium Naha


44, Okubuyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan


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