How to get to Enoshima Shrine

About Enoshima Shrine

This shrine is one of the “Three Great Benjaiten of Japan” and consists of three shrines, namely, Baezu Shrine, Nakatsu Shrine and Otsu Shrine. In the Bongan Hall, which is located at the side of the shrine, there are Myoine Benjaiten and Yakubi Benjaiten, each with a different divine character. Photography is not allowed inside the shrine. This is also the shrine where Haruhi Yukiya and Shishio, the main character in “Akira no Memories 6NR”, used to worship together.

How to get there

Take Enoden, get off at Enoshima station, follow the crowd along an alley with some stores on both sides, and at the end you will see Enoshima Bridge, then walk up to the island. Near the left hand side of the shrine, there is a long queue for Asahi-do, selling lobster cakes and squid cakes. Those who are physically fit can continue to climb up and visit Enoshima Shrine, which has a nice view from the shrine observation deck.

Walked a layer, because to queue up the mountain, the time is also about 5 o’clock, did not go up. Fear of darkness is not good to go, it seems that you can choose the elevator, 360 yen a person. January there are colored lights, it is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I did not see it. I don’t know if you need tickets.

2-3-8, Enoshima 2-chome, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa


Up the mountain is to see the sunset, so climb to the entrance of the shrine also did not go in, if it is to see the sunset, should be from see the shrine to the right to go up the mountain road by car. This can see the sea, if the weather is good, you can see Mount Fuji, I also saw, but not very clear. If you want to get closer, go from the road to the left of the shrine to get closer to the observation tower at the top of the mountain.

Edo Shrine and the lighthouse are together, you need to buy a separate ticket to climb the lighthouse, and when you go there is the season of lights, it is still worth climbing up to see

The stairs are so exciting that if you hike continuously, your feet will definitely shake, but of course the shrine itself is not big.

Enoshima is a must-see spot. If you want to get to the lighthouse at the top of the mountain, you can climb the steps or pay to take the rolling stairs up the mountain (the rolling stairs are highly recommended). There are three sections of the rolling ladder, which are sold in sections, and it is recommended that it is best to have a pass, the price of which is ¥: 360, so that you can reach the top of the mountain without any trouble, but if you climb by yourself, you will not know which life to climb.

The shrine of worship has rich time can go to

Go at night, when it was said that there is a lantern festival, is considered a relatively lively place. Need to climb a mountain, perhaps the daytime scenery will be better ~

On Enoshima Island in Kamakura, there are many shrines with different themes, and you can see Mount Fuji from afar from Enoshima Hill. The usual route is to take the jr to Fujisawa station, then change to the Enoshima train and get off at Enoshima. The island is very close to the station, a ten-minute walk away. Enoshima, I was there in the evening and saw a beautiful sunset.

When in this vicinity to catch the water system Pokemon people too many to count (throughout Enoshima), road signs do very interesting, follow the flow of people to money wash white dragon king there money laundering hahaha, inside the shrine and to dip the water to show the sign, a lot of stairs, so the birth of a paid ride escalator, young people or more walking it haha.

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