How to get to Nagasaki Chinatown

About Nagasaki Chinatown

Nagasaki Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in Japan, along with Yokohama Chinatown and Kobe Chinatown. Nagasaki Chinatown was built in the area of the original warehouse where Chinese merchants traded, and was renovated using the original location and buildings. It is now the largest concentration of Chinese cuisine in Kyushu.

How to get there

8 minutes by tram bound for Sofuji from Nagasaki Station. 1 minute walk from Shinchi Chinatown stop.

13-13 Shinchimachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan


Nagasaki Chinatown is Very pocket-sized. Very pocket-sized, really very pocket-sized, than the Chinese street in Yokohama to small size, go to the time is noon, not very busy, many stores are not open.

A small and delicate Chinese street, the pagoda carved very delicate.

Nagasaki’s Chinatown, a very short street gathered a lot of Chinese restaurants and Chinese goods stores, just like in the domestic tourist attractions outside the general feeling of the sale of stores. However, since it is a tourist to Japan, it is really not recommended to come to China Street to eat, both no special features, the price is also super expensive, very unaffordable. As for the small goods sold there, which scenic spot in China and can not buy it?

Japan’s consumption can really be, a lot of good food, really want to eat there for a few days not to come back.

The first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese street will have a lantern festival. Very lively. Don’t buy the long-standing famous thing on China Street that cake, huge sweet and hard to eat.

The street is not big, and the local food is not much of a highlight. A Chinese restaurant at the entrance of the street has good food, and you can buy Japanese daily necessities at the supermarket inside, which is also very affordable.

The so-called China Town is actually the Chinatown, which has only one name in the world, china town, and has the characteristic streetscape of China in the past 10 years, like going back to China. Why do you say so, because now China has developed economically quite well, and these street scenes suddenly feel like a 10-year step back in time.

Although the Chinese cuisine is Japanese, it is also a Japanese transformation. But students who want to eat fried food can come over and take a look later.


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