How to get to Shikoku Village

About Shikoku Village

Shikoku Village, which was built by moving old lodgings from all over Shikoku, exhibits lodgings and household items from the Edo to Taisho periods.

How to get there

By train
5 minutes walk from Kotoden Yashima Station (Kotoden Shido Line)
10 minutes walk from Yashima Station on the JR Kotoku Line
Shuttle Bus Information
Shuttle buses are available between JR Yashima Station and Kotoden Yashima Station and Mt. Get off at the “Shikoku-mura” bus stop and walk shortly.

91 Yashima Nakamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture


This is simply the best attraction in Takamatsu, similar to the folk village, in fact, I just went to Yashima to have a little fun, and found it super fun ah! There are all kinds of things that are very unique, and it took me more than 2 hours to look around inside, so if I play carefully I can play for a long time! There is a Tadao Ando Museum of Art inside is also very good! In addition, there is a cafe out of the Kitano Inhabitant Museum Oh. The entrance side of the noodles is very good!

Very quiet place, very few tourists, but is a must-visit point of Takamatsu, if you wander around for an hour or so, you can quietly enjoy the photography time!

I was not expecting anything from this place, so I took the Shidou line to Yashima station, got off and walked 10 minutes, and the entrance fee was JPY1000.
For this price, I thought it would be interesting to see inside!
It was raining, into the lush, full of a natural oxygen bar, came in to walk a rattan bridge, and Zugu rattan bridge a little déjà vu.

Clean leaves washed by the rain, a faint smell of earth, no audience stage, restore the life of the Edo period, no high-tech showroom, only the taste of history left behind.
Special mention, there is also Shikoku Village Museum of Art inside, you need to show your ticket, enter the museum to visit, the weather is good should be able to see a long way out of the view, will also marvel at the museum’s architecture, simple atmosphere, a little fascinating.

Well worth a visit, a collection of ancient modern, Japanese-Western attractions in one.
In fact, the road is not far, Kotohira Dentetsu down, the correct navigation, you can reach in 15 minutes on foot.

It is a relatively remote spot, very much like a national park, all the old-style houses are imitated.

Introduced the history of the change, but also see these will feel a little bit of emotion.


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