How to get to Takamatsu Tamamo Park

About Takamatsu Tamamo Park

Tamao Park is located near Chikko Pier. The park has the ruins of Takamatsu Castle, a moat surrounding the castle and the castle walls, and a peaceful and serene feeling as you stroll through the courtyard in the middle of the downtown area. I heard that the potted plants here in Takamatsu are made especially beautiful, and looking at the arrangement in the park, it looks like there will be a market later.


Adults 200 yen, children 100 yen.

How to get there

Approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Takamatsu Airport. Approx. 35 minutes from Osaka Kansai International Airport. Approx. 35 minutes by bus from Takamatsu Airport to Takamatsu Station. Approx. 3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo Station to Okayama Station on the JR Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen. Approx. 40 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station. Approx. 1 hour from Okayama Station to Takamatsu Station on the JR Yuado Ohashi Line.

Opening hours

7:00-17:00 (depending on the season) Closed: Dec. 29-Dec. 31


Tamao Park is located at the ruins of Takamatsu Castle at Takamatsu Port, about a five-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station.

The ruins of Takamatsu Castle still remain, and the moat surrounding the castle and walls brings in seawater as it did in the old days, and the lush, green, dry landscape garden is perfect for strolling through.

Takamatsu Castle was praised as “Sanju Sanuki stands on the wave where you can see Takamatsu Castle. The name Tamao Castle was derived from the words of the pillow of Sanuki, which were used by Kakimoto Maro in his “Manzai” to praise “the beauty of Tamao”. Takamatsu Castle was built in 1587 by the first lord of Takamatsu domain, Prince Ikoma, after several years.

With the introduction of seawater into the outer moat, the central horizon, and the inner trenches of the castle walls, Takamatsu Castle was named one of the three major water castles in Japan. At that time, Takamatsu Castle was built with a majestic Tensho-kaku, the topmost part of which was inlaid with a rare triple five-layered structure made by Nanyo, but now, due to decay and aging, the Tensho-kaku has been demolished. To this day, the Burgundy Yagura, the Moon Viewing Yagura and the Sailor Mikado still carry the charm of the old days, and the park with lush old pines and famous trees side by side has become a resting place for many citizens and tourists.

The elegant Japanese garden is very delicate and beautiful. There were very few people visiting the garden at the time I was there, and there was a garden party in the evening, and admission was free. I think it would be a different kind of scenery if you come to the garden at night.

Tamao Park, which is connected to Takamatsu Castle, is one of the three major water castles in Japan, and was built in 1587 by Ikoma Kinsho of Oki Province. Hideyoshi was ordered to besiege Takamatsu Castle, but during the war, he learned that the lord Oda Nobunaga had died in the Honnoji Incident, so he quickly made peace with the Mori side and returned to Kyoto to attack Akechi Mitsuhide after the lord of the castle, Shimizu Souji, had committed harakiri.

This is not far from Takamatsu Port, so you can walk around the port.


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