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About Glover Garden

Glover Garden is located on a hill in Minamiyamate Town. Since the area became a residential area for foreigners at the end of the Shogunate, many old Western-style buildings have been preserved, and it is the best location to overlook Nagasaki Port. Among them is the oldest surviving wooden Western-style building in Japan, built by the Englishman Glover, which has been selected as a World Heritage Site as part of the Meiji Industrial Heritage. It is also home to Japan’s earliest tennis courts and other facilities.

How to get there

From Nagasaki Station, take the city tram and get off at Oura Tenshita (about 15 minutes), then walk for about 8 minutes.

8-1 Minamiyamate-cho, Nagasaki City


If you have been to Macau, you may not feel at all when you come to this park, because the architecture is extremely similar, and frankly, it is a cluster of villas where rich Europeans used to live. Tickets are 600 yen a person, no foreigner special policy, there are two doors to enter, respectively, uphill and downhill to complete the tour. We entered the park from the 2nd gate and took the downhill path. There are two heart-shaped stones on the ground near the 1st gate, so you can pay attention to them.

I liked it too much, I really liked it too much. I came in the afternoon and sat on a bench for half a day until the sun set, and the next day I couldn’t resist buying tickets to come in again and stroll around for half a day.

After entering the park, you can take the elevator to the top floor and tour from the top to the bottom, so people with mobility problems do not have to worry.
It is also known as Madame Butterfly’s House. It stands on the hill of Nanzanote and is full of exotic and romantic flowers in all seasons, and overlooks the entire Nagasaki Port.

In summer, the opening hours are extended, and you can see Nagasaki Port at night along the mountain road, which is one of the seven recommended places to see the night view.
The building itself may not have much to say, but the location is perfect. You can see the harbor with the coin-operated binoculars on the observation deck when the 176th Toro Sea Ship is in port.
Several indoor exhibits are also worth seeing, how the familiar Yawata Iron Works developed in World War II, and why Kitakyushu was subjected to nuclear bombs, which is inseparable from its industrialization process.

Cruise ship itinerary must pass through the site, the building is very characteristic, opposite the port, all the way to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the cruise ship’s full view

Very nice western-style houses, very well preserved! Worth going to!


The entrance fee to Glover Garden is 610 yen, which I think is very good value for money. From the escalator to the high point, and then all the way down the tour, the guide inside the museum is very good, do not go back, each European-style buildings will not miss.
I met an old Japanese grandfather who had been looking down for something, and after asking, I was told that there were two love-shaped stone slabs on the ground in the Glover Garden, and that finding it would lead to happiness, which was so cute ~ we actually found one ~ great ~

Just read everyone’s reviews to find a lot of mistakes. This Glover is a Scottish businessman not a Dutch businessman. One obvious thing is that the garden is playing Scottish music. Read the introduction of each exhibit carefully and you will understand.

This garden is like the Europeans building a leasehold area in China: along the river and the harbor to facilitate the transportation of goods. It was once a place where Glover and his merchants operated their accommodation. It is said to travel ten thousand miles and read ten thousand books, but if you just walk around and take pictures, you can only make people laugh.


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