How to get to Nagasaki Waterfront Forest Park

About Nagasaki Waterfront Forest Park

Nagasaki Waterfront Forest Park is located at the mouth of Nagasaki Port, and is divided into a square of the earth and a garden of water. It is a good place for local citizens to relax and enjoy walking and flowers. Events (such as flower fires) are held from time to time at sewing festivals, and you can find the schedule of events on the website.

How to get there

3 minutes on foot from the Dejima stop on the No. 1 Akasako – Sofukuji line
From the “Hotaruchaya – Ishibashi” “Medical Center” stop on the No. 5 line, 1 minute walk.

You can take the streetcar from Nagasaki Station to Dejima Station or walk directly from Nagasaki.


After having dinner and a casual stroll, I slipped here, next to a row of restaurants bars, at the pier you can see the opposite side of the Mountain, according to the people here said here is one of the three major night scenes in the world .

There’s an art museum in the back, but it’s closed. Walking casually along the pier, I don’t know why a song “Night at the Military Port” always comes to my mind

Next to Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art, it is very quiet in the morning.

You can sit by the water, enjoy the breeze, and have a drink next to it!

A popular place for locals to go, right at the entrance to the sea. In the summer, there is a fireworks festival, which is still quite beautiful.

When I saw a large green area on the map, I thought it was just a small park built for Nagasaki Port, but I found that the park has been extended from a long way away. There is a square, a courtyard and a large area of sea. It’s really beautiful on a good day.


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