How to get to Nagasaki Airport

About Nagasaki Airport

Since Nagasaki Airport is not served by rail, travel from the airport must first be by bus or cab.

There are two limousine bus routes from Nagasaki Airport to Nagasaki City: “Shinchi Chukagai, Nagasaki Station, Cocowalk Shigoricho” and “Urakami Station, Cocowalk Shigoricho, Nagasaki Station”.

By using the limousine buses, passengers can travel from the airport to their destinations without the need for transfers. Since the route and time required for each route varies, it is advisable to check the most suitable flight according to your schedule and the places you wish to visit.

The fare for both routes is 100 yen per adult one-way.

How to get there

The most convenient way to get from Nagasaki Station to Nagasaki Airport is to take a limousine bus bound for Nagasaki Airport.

The limousine bus to Nagasaki Airport can be taken from the Nagasaki Ekimae Bus Center located across from JR Nagasaki Station.

For smooth travel, please check the detailed timetables and travel times on the official websites of each company in advance.

Nagasaki Bus official website:

Nagasaki Prefectural Bus official website:


When I heard about Nagasaki Airport, I had the impression that it was not very recognizable.
However, when I actually went there, I found it to be a beautiful place.
The airport is not new, but it is located near the sea and the scenery is beautiful.


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