How to get to Prayer Hill Picture Book Museum

About Prayer Hill Picture Book Museum

The most beautiful picture book gallery ever visited. A lifetime of great memories. First of all, the building itself looks like a castle with gardens outside the castle. My first thought was Monet’s lotus flower painting, beautiful! Secondly, the interior of the museum is retro and clean.

There are three floors, and the stairs are wooden and feel super nice. Not many people, the first floor sells picture books, the second floor has an oil painting exhibition and an artist black and white picture book exhibition, and the third floor local style artist Japanese painting exhibition. The finishing touch is the third floor has a visitor’s message counter and a sofa to sit and enjoy various children’s picture books. At the end, there is a restroom that can be used, which is great! Good review!

How to get there

By tram: (1) Go to “Ishibashi” and get off at “Daura Tenshudo”. (1)Get off at “Oura Tenshudo” bound for “Ishibashi”; (2)Transfer at “Shinchi Chukagai” bound for “Sofukuji” and get off at “Oura Tenshudo” bound for “Ishibashi”.

Minamiyamate-machi 850-0931, 2-10 Nagasaki


400 yen


Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, the children’s picture book museum, the entrance shape is very fairy tale, very dreamy Oh! It’s a pity that the museum was closed on the day of the visit! Ha ha, but the entrance is very cute, as if the characters in the fairy tale book came out! The entrance also has a variety of handmade fairy tale characters image, in the window head, very good! You can come and take a look!

The Nagasaki Museum of Art building is a beautiful outdoor exhibit by the hand of a famous architect, and it straddles both ends of the canal to blend in with nature. The museum is rich in exhibits, and its high floor-to-ceiling windows are another beautiful painting of nature when the sunlight changes. The rooftop garden is a place to take a walk and enjoy the night view.


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