How to get to Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

About Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

You can see many kinds of penguins in the aquarium. There are penguin feedings and penguin walks. There are exhibits of penguins from all over the world that were given to the museum. In addition to penguins, there are other marine creatures in the aquarium, and you can interact with starfish shells in the touch zone on the first floor. In summer, you can experience the sea canoeing activity in the museum.

The ride takes half an hour each way. (The frequency is low, so please pay attention to the time of the return trip so as not to miss it.

How to get there

From the Ekimae East Exit Bus Stop in front of Nagasaki Station on weekdays, take a bus bound for Netoba or Kasuga Garage and get off at “Penguin Aquarium Mae”. On holidays, you must take the bus from the Ekimae South Exit Bus Stop.

3-16 Sugimachi, Nagasaki City, Japan


The purpose of the Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium is to create a place where people can get close to marine life, mainly penguins, so that more people can understand the principle of “nature and human symbiosis”.
Tickets are sold automatically
Each ticket is different from the other.

Don’t miss the penguins in the 4-meter deep, 200-ton water tank!
The subantarctic penguin life house has thick glass to keep the temperature inside.
There are four species of penguins that live in this area on the islands near the Antarctic.
They are Emperor penguins, Gentoo penguins, Malpolo penguins and Rockhopper penguins. These guys are always so humorous and cute in their movements.

Japan’s largest penguin museum, the place is not big, built on the beach, children like it very much.

It is a little bit far from the city and the area is not very big, so it is not comparable to the domestic aquarium Sea World. However, there are more kinds of penguins, and they are all very lively and cute, and the interaction with people is also quite good. Especially the little penguins, really super cute! Like animals, with children, if you still have plenty of time, may wish to come over to see. (If you want to see a big aquarium, you should go to Osaka)

The first thing you need to do is to go to an aquarium in every city in Japan and feel good about it.

The youth hostel gave a discount coupon, including the bus fare is only 30 yuan. Very interesting experience. The free trip is recommended.

The penguins are super cute, although the pavilion is small, but the penguins are rich in variety

The kids love penguin feeding, but there is no food around

Too cute, the penguins inside wiggle! The staff is dedicated to cleaning, when we were there in winter, it was all young girls cleaning penguin droppings and scrubbing every corner! It’s not easy, but if you go in summer, you can walk to the beach and play with the sand, the children must be very happy!

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Japan where penguins are kept and displayed. The aquarium was originally established with the intention of creating a place where you can get up close and personal with marine life, mainly penguins.

It is also a good choice to have a leisurely afternoon tour in the suburbs of Nagasaki. There are hardly any people on the beach again. The penguin ice cream at the aquarium is delicious.


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