How to get to Kitaya park

About Kitaya park

Kitaya park is adjacent to American Village, with its famous Sunset Beach. If you have at least half an afternoon scheduled in American Village, then it is recommended that you do not leave after shopping.

In the evening, come to Sunset Beach in North Valley Park to watch a beautiful and peaceful sunset before the sun sets, either at the beach, the levee, or find a restaurant or bar on the second floor next to Sunset Beach and enjoy a quiet sunset while you dine. Free admission!

How to get there

Mihama, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa


Free of charge


There is a Kitaya park (North Valley Park) behind the American Village, the park has a beach, the sunset is very beautiful!

The beach is really windy, look at my hair blown by the wind are covering my face, just as an American soldier passing by, saw me startled, so embarrassing ah!

On the beach There is a beach volleyball court, but the athletes are blondes and blue-eyed. Although the temperature is about 22 degrees, but the children are energetic, a few little foreigners actually wearing swimsuits in the beach to play in the water, no props at the beach, the little basin to play with mud, sand, seawater, happy.


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