【Okinawa】 I stayed at Star Capsule!

Where is it located?

Star Capsule is located about 8 minutes on foot from Asahibashi station on the Yui Rail.

Is it run by someone of Korean descent? When I was walking around before check-in, I heard someone who seemed to be the owner speaking in Korean. The staff also spoke Korean.

The room is an old capsule, and the TV is a nuisance.

(Photo taken from Agoda)

The bath was like a jet bath. However, there is a charge for it.

(Photo taken from Agoda)

Lockers are card key. I could not fit a suitcase of size M.

There are women-only rooms. The women’s room is locked, so it is safe. There are self-serve coffee and other drinks in the lobby. Water is also available there.

(Photo taken from Agoda)

Impressions and Summary

It is an inn where you can stay like a normal house. But I don’t think I will come back.


Reservations can be made here.



Map: Naha City, Okinawa, Japan

2-3-15 Nishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

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