How to get to Ikema Bridge

About Ikema Bridge

The Ikoma Bridge is like giant spider’s legs, and the bridge connects the islands of Iraba, Ikoma and Kurima to Miyakojima. Within Okinawa Prefecture, Miyako Island is a large island consisting of seven small islands with about 500,000 inhabitants. These islands are at the same latitude as Hawaii and the Caribbean, and because of this, the inhabitants carry a mysterious and friendly spirit.

However, this spirit diminishes with the arrival of tourists, and I wonder how long this difference will last. The curved line on the bridge creates a kind of photogenic demarcation between the sky and the sea. When photographing bridges, work with professional photographers using a variety of techniques for shooting angles, the rule of thirds, framing and depth of field. The photos you take will be great!

How to get there

Approximately 10 minutes by car (open road) from Sarahama Port


Free of charge


We drove through this part of the journey as part of a long trip. It’s a bridge. By far the best part was when I looked out the window at leisure, wishing I could swim in the clear, crystal clear water and see a giant sea turtle swimming in one direction or another. One thing of note:At one end of the bridge, a group of food stalls were selling drinks and snacks, and a few souvenirs.

There is a viewpoint where visitors can walk up to and take a rather boring picture of the bridge. Everyone does this because there is nothing else. Might as well spend your time dipping your hands in the water and dreaming about taking a dip.

This time with family . Friends in the impulse under the travel show quickly under the Star Cruises itinerary … The shore excursion was temporarily changed from Ishigaki Island to Miyako Island Although I was a little disappointed, I was swept away by the clear blue sky when I docked on the island… I fell in love with the cruise

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