How to get to Inamuragasaki Beach Park

About Inamuragasaki Beach Park

Inamuragasaki Beach Park offers a beautiful view of the Shonan coast. It is not far from Hoya Temple and Kamakura Buddha, and is suitable for walking and strolling after dinner.

On the beach to Enoshima, I walked about 4 km, resting to eat something halfway, and was swooped down by eagles hovering overhead to knock over the snacks in my hand many times, they don’t attack people, just stare at food, it’s so bad. There are many birds on the beach in Kamakura, the bigger ones are crows and hawks (and possibly lords), I can’t tell exactly. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was it. We were tired of walking on the beach and wanted to sit down and eat something, but this one was hovering overhead, and as soon as we took out our hands it swooped down and grabbed the food. Some of it does not eat, such as chocolate, we hold the package knocked over, and then fly in our head “bad smile” –

eventually put us The “drive” away. When we left, it cleaned up the mess. We saw no less than 20 of them hovering above us at a restaurant by the beach, but the diners were eating in the covered shack, so they couldn’t rush down. The pigeons and some small birds behind us were much more gentle, neither afraid of people nor grabbing things. People on the beach in Kamakura are engaged in various activities.

The sea in Kamakura, the historical capital, has the familiar sea view of the background of the dunk tank, the sea view of the front of the university, and the sea view of the woods near the city, etc. I am writing here about the sea view from Inamurazaki Park, which I like very much.

Super great super great park, very quiet. When we went there just in time for lunch, there were suits of office workers who sat alone with their lunch on the beach and finished eating and left quietly. We were super stupid to bring ? Want to eat at the beach, seabirds accurately knocked over the lunch box snatched away the sushi, calling ….

The beautiful Shonan coast, where you can see Enoshima, Mount Fuji and the sea if the weather is good.

This is the best place to watch the sunset, you can see the sunset of Enoshima and Mt.

How to get there

You can get to Inamurakizaki by walking from Inamurakizaki station.

2-chome, Inamurazaki, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture


It was a pity that it was rainy when I came, otherwise the sea on the coast of Shonan would have been more beautiful. The sunset and the group of young boys and girls visiting school are really a beautiful picture. If the weather is good, you can see Mount Fuji from here or from the Enoshima Bridge looking west. In April and November, there is a beautiful view of the falling pearl. You can say it’s amazing.

It’s not a big park, but the view is pretty good.

A small park, I was expecting to see Mount Fuji, but I thought I was just a visitor after all.

We got off here and came next to the coast, the sea view was beautiful, and the weather was great that day! We also met an injured sea turtle that was blown ashore, and then the enthusiastic people reported it to the police and didn’t bother it.

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