How to get to Yuigahama beach

About Yuigahama beach

Many people choose to surf and play in the water here, and the beach here is much better than the beaches in Kamakura High School and Enoshima. The most important thing is that there are very few people here, and it is very quiet. It is very relaxing to blow the sea breeze and see people surfing in the sea, and children can also have a lot of fun here. It’s easy to reach by Enoden, and the transportation is quite convenient.

In February, the sun is very good, not cold at all. Quiet and nice. Very suitable to bring children to play half a day

It is at the location halfway from Fujisawa to Kamakura in Enoden. It is said to be great to see the sea view and sunset, but I gave up that day because it was cold …… sea really looks good

A good place to see the scenery, the white sand is very clean, and there are many clean beach to pick up the garbage staff.

When you go there are many college students exercising. You can play with water in the summer, but in winter you can really only pick up shells

How to get there

Take the Enoshima train and get off at Hikaihama Station and walk.

Yuigahama Station, 3 Chome-10 Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 日本

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How can you come to Kamakura and not enjoy the coastal scenery? Take the Enoshima train and get off at the corresponding station, which is unchecked and free to enter and exit. It is close to Kamakura Station. If you are traveling from Fujisawa, the train ride will take longer. The beach is good quality and wide. There were local high school students on a school trip with us. The moment they saw the shore, the kids laughed very happily and the teacher who led the tour helped them to take a photo together, which was quite cute.

I went all the way to Enoshima from the beach under Kamakura High School Station, and the beach was really not a bit good, so those who had never seen the sea might be a bit excited. You can’t walk along the beach to Enoshima, but you have to go up to the road above and walk along the road for 20 minutes to get to Enoshima. Along the way, there is a sign of an earthquake disaster shelter. The beach near Enoshima is a large area.

It’s nice to blow the sea breeze by the sea and release the air.

There are a lot of locals, but not many tourists, and it’s fun to play in the water on the Shonan coast in summer.

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