How to get to Kitakamakura Old Folk Houses Museum

About Kitakamakura Old Folk Houses Museum

Converted from a century-old house, the museum’s exhibits are frequently updated according to the season.

On the way to Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine from Kamakura North, I saw this museum with a wooden structure. It was not open at that time, but even if it was, I don’t think I would have had time to go inside. However, Kamakura is a Japanese city with history, so if you have enough time and like to study history, you should go in and see it.

A museum that documents local history and culture.

The North Kamakura Ancient House Museum is a museum converted from a century-old house. The atrium is made into a miniature courtyard with paths, bridges and flowing water, all of which are exquisite. It is recommended to visit this museum during the season of purple sunflowers, which are quite rich in variety and extremely unique in shape. It’s not too crowded when other famous places for purple sunflowers are overcrowded.

Catch a cat exhibition, especially amusing, there is Godzilla made into nekora posters, quite interesting ~ there is also changed into a cat child of the river boy, very interesting ~

There are many varieties of hydrangeas and many crafts, and it’s worth a 5-minute walk from Kitakamakura Station.

How to get there

392-1 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City

Official web page


Hurry up while it’s in season, why must you go to the big spots to hit it. Compared to the front of the Yuanjueji Temple behind the bright moon garden, this is the beautiful Japanese bar. It’s not possible to take pictures of the art of purple flowers on display indoors, but there are hundreds of varieties of purple flowers around the periphery, which are new, unique and beautiful, and definitely a paradise for flower lovers and photographers. 500 yen is a bargain.


Super like this place, because when I went to see the Ziyang flowers in June 2017, I didn’t see the flowers in other places, but only here There were all kinds of hydrangeas on display, and there were also hanging signs, so I learned a lot about flowers. The style of the ancient houses is also great, and the indoor display is done comprehensively, whether it’s design, illustration or painting, which is a treat for the eyes. Tickets were only $500, and I bought a lot of souvenirs. I loved the handmade brooch with hydrangea, which cost 150 RMB, but you can’t buy it anywhere else!

I only took a picture at the entrance because the entrance fee was 500 yen, which I thought was a bit expensive. Just get off the bus at Kitakamakura and walk along the arrow for about a minute.

You can get there by walking north from Akatsuki-in Temple. This is a museum converted from a century-old house, and there is a special exhibition of purple sunflowers during the season, and there are many species that you have never seen before in the small courtyard. The postcards sold in the souvenir store are very nice, so it is a good place to go for a cold visit.

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