How to get to Wakamiya Oji temple

About Wakamiya Oji

Wakamiya Oji is the main road of Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, which is straight and spacious, and was originally built to pray for the safe delivery of Masako Hojo, the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto. The design of the Wakamiya Road is very special, and the “Danko” (stone placement) method was used, which means that the earth and stones were piled up so that the road surface was slightly elevated. In addition, a triple torii was used. Wakamiya-dori is also famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, and is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in the suburbs of Tokyo.

How to get there

Get off at Kamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line or Enoden, and walk for 2 minutes.

〒248-0006, 2 Chome-10 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0006, Japan


The so-called Wakamiya Avenue is the Omotesando Road of Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, which was built to imitate the Jubilee Street in Kyoto, showing the power of the Kamakura Shogunate. There are many stores, restaurants and eating places on both sides of the road. The road is lined with shops, restaurants and eateries, including an ice cream parlor.
When we were there, we saw a demonstration. I don’t know what the demands were.

The road is more atmospheric, there are a lot of very sweet snacks on both sides, and then see some children are over some special clothes, the day is not 7-5-3 festival.

The building is good and the surrounding environment is clean

This is also a good place to come to Tokyo to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the season of cherry blossoms.

It is definitely a good choice to come here in spring, and everything is beautiful when you walk into the world of cherry blossoms.

This is also a great place to see cherry blossoms, and every cherry blossom season, the locals come here to enter the world of cherry blossoms.

From Tsuruoka Hachiban Shrine, you can walk back to the subway station along the main road and have a good feeling.

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