How to get to Shichirigahama beach

About Shichirigahama beach

The beautiful Shonan coast is not as beautiful as you think, but still very recommended, because it is full of memories, the place where the Sakuragi legion worked, Sendo fishing place, Mitsui bad place are here, there is no reason not to come to see, the beach is not very clean, walking on it a little solid feet, but from here you can see Enoshima, good weather can even see Mount Fuji, it is said that there are seasons, sunset when the sun is just at the top of Mount Fuji, that kind of scenery must be quite intoxicating.

How to get there

Take the Enoshima Electric Railway and get off at Shichirigahama Station. You can also rent bicycles and ride along the train route to see the beautiful scenery along the river.


Free of charge


You can go down to the beach to play in the water at Shichirigahama Station, which has a long stretch of coastline. On a sunny day, you can enjoy the blue water, as well as the seagulls flying over the sea and the clean seaside road. On the day I went, it was cloudy, the sea was not blue and the wind was strong, but it did not shake my heart to go to the sea and have fun. For more pictures, please see my travelogue.

In fact, there are more nice pictures of Kamakura, but not in this computer now. Putting aside my love for dunking and anime and Japanese dramas, Kamakura is a place that is super recommended. It’s perfect for a relaxing vacation. There must be an opportunity to take a 5 day tour of Tokyo Kamakura, to slowly walk through the streets of Kamakura, various seaside beaches, play a skateboard and then watch a fireworks conference. Life would be perfect!

On the way to Enoshima from Kamakura station, we decided to get off again at Shichirigahama to see the sea.

On the way, I saw a scene that touched my heart.

While the tram was driving in the middle of a small house

From a distance, I saw a mother with a little boy of 4 or 5 years old wearing a uniform

The kind of small uniform with a small yellow helmet and a small school bag on his back

From a distance, I could feel the anticipation and excitement in his eyes

When the train was slowly approaching

His little hand waved violently, his face was full of happy smiles

The conductor also raised his hand in response to the waving of the child

I was behind the conductor, watching all this in silence

Melting away

Little by little, we approached the coast of Shonan.

The sea at the Seven Mile shore can make people fall in love with it at a glance.

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