How to get to Tatara Bridge

About Tatara Bridge

The Tatara Bridge spans the beautiful Seto Inland Sea like a huge blue dragon, connecting Ikuchi Island in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Omijima Island in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. The bridge was opened on May 1, 1999, with a main span of 890 meters, once the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, and a total length of 1,480 meters with approach roads, four lanes of traffic, and pedestrian and bicycle lanes, and is part of the Japanese National Highway 317.

Since Japan is a country with many typhoons and earthquakes, the Tatara Bridge is designed to withstand high wind and earthquake resistance, specifically windstorms of about 52m/s and earthquakes of the largest magnitude. In addition, since the side spans on both sides of the bridge are short and the middle span is large, a composite form of prestressed concrete for the side spans and steel trusses for the middle span was adopted to balance the self-weight of the trusses. The total investment of the Tatara Bridge is about USD 1.1 billion, so the quality of the bridge fabrication was particularly high during the construction, and every small process completed had to be measured and inspected by the A unit.

In order to provide the accurate weight of each section of the steel truss, the bridge also required a weight measurement, whereas for a normal project, the weight of the steel as calculated in the design calculations would be sufficient, without considering the change in weight after the welding and painting processes. In addition, the tilt accuracy of the main tower after fabrication is required to be controlled within l/5000, etc.

How to get there

From Mihara Station on the Sanyo Main Line to Mihara Port – High-speed boat disembarking at Setoda Port, or from Onomichi Station on the Sanyo Main Line to Onomichi Port – Regular boat disembarking at Setoda Port.


The Tatara Bridge, one of the world’s largest cable-stayed bridges, connects Ikuchi Island in Hiroshima Prefecture and Omishima Island in Ehime Prefecture. The bridge is beautifully shaped like a bird spreading its wings, and the bridge itself can be seen from the bicycle and pedestrian path attached to the bridge. The view from Tatara Shimanami Park is also beautiful, and the “Happiness Bell” in the park is popular among couples. In the tower section of the bridge, visitors can experience “Narukiryu,” which echoes sound.


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