How to get to Hiroshima Airport

About Hiroshima Airport

Hiroshima Airport is located about 40 km in a straight line from the center of Hiroshima
It is located in the mountains and is somewhat inaccessible.
There is no train service to the airport, so if you are traveling by public transportation, you will have to take a limousine bus, which takes about one hour.
It takes about one hour to get there by limousine bus,
The Sanyo Expressway, which the bus passes through, is congested at certain times of the day,
The Sanyo Expressway, which the bus passes through, is congested at certain times of the day, and depending on traffic conditions, the bus service may even be suspended.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a limousine bus from Hiroshima Station to Shiraichi Station near Hiroshima Airport, which takes 45 minutes.
From Hiroshima Station, take the JR Sanyo Main Line to Shiroichi Station, a 45-minute ride,
From Shiroshi Station, take the connecting bus, which takes about 15 minutes!
This bus does not go through the expressway, and it is less congested than a limousine bus.
This bus does not pass through expressways and is less congested than limousine buses, so you can expect to arrive at the destination on time.

By train, you can of course go to Hiroshima Station,
Some trains can go to Miyajima-guchi Station, so it is possible to get to Itsukushima Shrine smoothly.
Itsukushima Shrine can also be reached smoothly!

How to get there

The number of buses varies depending on the time of day, but there are about one to two buses per hour.
The timetable for connecting trains and buses can be found on the official homepage of Hiroshima Airport.
Click here for more information on the official website of Hiroshima Airport!


Although the airport is far from the downtown area of Hiroshima City, there is a well-developed access road from the expressway, so you can enjoy a comfortable drive if you leave with enough time to spare. The airport lobby is spacious. There are also stores such as Hattendo where you can enjoy shopping for Hiroshima souvenirs.


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