How to get to Ryuzoin,Yamaguchi

About Ryuzoin,Yamaguchi

About 1300 years ago Bunmu 2 years (698), Shinpen Great Bodhisattva worship monk is, role small angle (eneOzunu), and from Kakesuzu Toyo after Kunihiko mountain, Kishu and Kumano right now emotions within the shrine’s rocks, and ImuOsamu sesame today’s treasures, is said to have begun to be named “warehouse of the dragon. ”

Then in the thirteenth year of the Tenpira (741), Gyoki Bodhisattva kept this Reiiki, himself digging Senjukan’non, is Taian City established a temple called “Ryuzotera”. Mr. Onnemori’s era is the guardian temple that protects it from the people’s deep faith.

That is, when the Meiji temple was organized in the treasure dedicated to Dainichi, it was transferred to the main image of Myohoji, and it was in the foot Kizaki Ryoiki. It is a legal status symbol connected with Dainichiyō of the pregnant world. It is parquet made of hinoki wood, and it is lacquered foil image. The height of the image is 95 cm. Features of Fujiwara era such as rich facial features, full breasts and arms, flowing costumes, etc. are often seen. hikari and lotus are complementary. It was designated as an important cultural property of the country in 1945. In addition, Kannon Hall has the amount of Aoma Bridge at any moment, and it is possible to get out of the brush snow boat, reflecting the up-tone dusty smoke in your eyes. Beside there are four big emails that attract thirty-three horses such as Sesshu’s disciples, Yunoya. Brush brush.

The giant ginkgo tree that rises in front of Kannondo seems to be telling the long flow of time. The height is 45 meters, the roots are 12.7 meters and the age is estimated to be about 900 years. The interior of the trunk is old and hollow, but the tree is vibrant. When the leaves turn yellow in autumn, it looks very beautiful and seems to lie on a yellow carpet that we can also hope from a long distance. It is designated as a natural monument of the country.

How to get there

Yamaguchi City, Yoshikiri 1750


Admission: Adult/ 200 yen, Junior high school/ 100 yen, Elementary school/ 50 yen


The giant ginkgo tree that stands in front of the Kannon Hall stands as if to announce the passing of time. The tree is 45 meters tall, 12.7 meters at the base, and is estimated to be approximately 900 years old. The trunk is hollow due to old age, but the tree is vigorous. When the leaves turn yellow in the fall, the area under the tree looks like a carpet of yellow, and the tree can be seen from a distance. It is designated as a national natural monument.


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