How to get to Ugato Jingu Shrine

About Ugato Jingu Shrine

The main shrine of Udo Shrine, facing the south coast of Japan, is located in a cliff cave on the Pacific Ocean coast, built on a mountain with several entrance buildings, and importantly, it is dedicated to the ancestral god of the Japanese nation.

Legend has it that the father of the first emperor of Japan was born here, and it is the oldest shrine in Japan.

How to get there

Take a bus to “Miyakogyo City Station” and get off at the entrance of Udo Jingu Shrine by taking the Hinan Line bus for 70 minutes.

3232 Oaza-miyaura, Hinan City


On the beach, the scenery is very good, especially the shrine in the cliff cave is very mysterious, the corridor of red railing stretches down, in the rock is very conspicuous show. Bunny Gosho is very special, the price is also higher, but there is no other place after all, you can consider taking one. Buses are less frequent, so watch the time.

Japan’s mythical ancestors of the emperor descend to the place, actually is the Pacific side of the cliff above, the view is very good, blue sky on the blue waves, bright red shrine building eye-catching, clean environment atmosphere quiet, is a very mature tourist attractions, each attraction has a numbered description board, the prayer ceremony in the shrine is also very moving, of course, is the charge. You can worship without incense, so it’s environmentally friendly! There is a tsunami evacuation height sign on the side of the road, which is shocking and makes people fall from the world of God back to the earth!

If you go south along the Miyazaki coast, you can reach Udo Jingu Shrine. This shrine is the only one that is located inside a rocky cliff, and after getting off the bus, you will have to walk for 15 minutes to reach it. The shrine faces the azure Pacific Ocean and is famous for its large turtle-like rock, which many people drop as a small red rock for marriage. It is suitable for in-depth travelers.

The scenery is very beautiful, very characteristic shrine, the gods are small rabbits, definitely worth a visit to the place, but if there is no bus, go by yourself to see the time of the local bus is better.

In fact, on the distant coast of Miyazaki, this shrine is famous not only for its legend, but also for the constant battle between gods and Buddhas throughout its history.

The entrance is spooky, with a long tunnel leading to the shrine. By throwing a good luck stone into the stone circle, your wish will be granted.

The distance from the parking lot to the main shrine is quite long ~ but it feels good to be at the shrine by the sea, the sea view with the red building, the angle of a good choice of photos is very beautiful

Beautiful shrine, built on a cliff, beautiful scenery

There are feelings, built on the mountain, but also see the local people in the French style


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