How to get to Oni’s washboard

About Oni’s washboard

The masterpiece of the sea, which has slapped and eroded the rocks around Aoshima into such a regular and shapely shape ~ Oni’s washboard ~ the spectacular Onigiri no Washboard, with the vast ocean in full view and the traditional Japanese shrine for all to worship!

The surrounding landscape of Onigiri no Washing Board is also amazing and really resembles a clothesline! If you want to visit Aoshima Shrine on weekends, we recommend taking the “Umiyuki Yamayuki” special express train! Recommended!

How to get there

JR / Approx. 10 minutes walk from “Aoshima” station
Bus / Approx. 5 minutes walk from “Aoshima” bus stop on the downhill “Aoshima Line
Car / Approximately 25 minutes from “Miyazaki Station


Take the train and get off at “Aoshima Station” and walk straight for about ten minutes to get there. The coast reef looks like a washboard and is very beautiful, and there is an “Aoshima Shrine” inside for worship. With the sunset and the sea breeze blowing, the scenery is beautiful and it’s a good place for a walk.

The “Ghost’s Washboard” describes the rocks around Aoshima that have been eroded by the coast for thousands of years and formed wave-like grooves, shaped like a washboard.


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