How to get to Housouen Footbath

About Housouen Footbath

Housouen Footbath is located in the plaza in front of the Dogo Onsen tram stop, the landmark musical clock performs every hour (30 minutes in high season) between 8:00 and 22:00 every day with a performance by a doll of a character from the novel “Young Master” written by Takashi Natsume. There is also a footbath to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

How to get there

Get off at Goto Onsen Station and walk 20 meters ahead.

6-8, Houyu-no-machi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime


It is located at the exit of Dogo Onsen Street, and the temperature of the foot bath is not very high, so it is very comfortable to burn your feet~~.

You can soak your feet for free, but generally there are always people waiting.

To the feet of the hot spring place walking tired bubble

The water temperature is very comfortable, is slightly small, when there are many people naturally get up to let the back of the card to play

The hot spring water is warm, so it’s good to bubble your feet when you’re tired of walking. Next to the big clock, the whole point and half point will be raised, and mannequins appear, along with the music rotation, very interesting.

At the intersection of the shopping street, it’s free to soak your feet and rest your feet when you’re tired of walking. I met a volunteer grandpa who was very dedicated to explaining.

Why would you recommend this place that is so inconspicuous that you may not even find it? There are two reasons.
1. the hot spring water of this foot bath is drawn from the Dogo hot spring. So, it’s the same water, no matter what it is.
Whether you come down from Ishimouji Temple or tired of shopping, sit by the foot bath and soak your feet, it is really refreshing. On a hot day, you may not want to go into the hot spring to take a bath, soaking your feet here is simply a feeling of heaven on earth.
2. The most crucial thing is that the clock here will dance at the whole hour! Every hour, the clock starts to perform the daily life of the ancient people of Matsuyama, which is very interesting.

The location is on the side of the main entrance of Dogo shopping street. You can see the bell. It’s just a short walk from the train in Dogo. Not to be missed!

Golden Week to go, too many people … too hot … such foot baths in many places in Japan, to go to the Queen of the Road hot springs will certainly stroll here, soak a little. If it is not Golden Week may also feel a little relaxed ……

The whole point is to see the dancing bell, it is very interesting. Foot soup too many people, did not soak.


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