How to get to Shinagawa AQUA PARK

About Shinagawa AQUA PARK

There are many aquariums in Tokyo, but this one features easy access + the best sound and light effects.
Note: In addition to Aqua Park, there is also a Shinagawa Aquarium, but it’s more traditional and I don’t think it’s a good idea to go all the way there.

Opening hours

10:00 – 22:00 (open from 9.00 on some days)


Adults (high school students) 2,200 yen, elementary and middle school students 1,200 yen, children (4 years old and up) 700 yen, and a discount of about 500 yen if you are a guest of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (which is a 4-star hotel and has good prices).

Official web page

How to get there

It’s right next to Shinagawa Station, under the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, and it’s a 2-minute walk from the car.

Aquarium Facilities

The aquarium has two floors.

1 floor structure diagram

1. Entrance

2. Magic World – use interactive technology/light/color to display fish

3. Coral bar
Heineken beer 600 yen, Coke 200 yen, etc.

4. Dream Jellyfish Area – This should be the most visually special place in the aquarium.

2F structure diagram

5. Tropical Fish Paradise (sometimes shark-themed)

6. glass dome corridor
7. Museum area

8. called Aqua Jungle, in addition to fish, there are lizards

9. the square, there will be seals / penguins / sea lions, etc. out to slip

10. The dolphin show hall that every aquarium has
Show time depends on the specific date, please confirm after entering the aquarium.

In addition, there are two separately paid rides
Carousel, 500 yen (free for those under 5 years old)

Pirate ship, more than 120cm to play

The Internet to find some pictures for reference.

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