How to get to Imperial Residence

About Imperial Residence

The Imperial Palace is the palace where the Emperor of Japan resides, and is now located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, the former Edo Castle where the shoguns of the Edo Shogunate lived.
The Imperial Palace, where the Emperor and Empress live, is located in the center of Tokyo and is surrounded by a moat with a very nice view.
The Imperial Palace is divided into several parts, “Imperial Palace Outer Garden”, “Imperial Palace East Gyoen”, “Kitanomaru Park” is open to visitors free of charge, the area around the palace according to feedback does not require reservations, but You have to queue for the number, see the 4th floor for details.


Completed in Showa 42, the palace has the beauty of classical Japanese architecture, with two floors above ground and one floor below ground, covering an area of 24,175 square meters, and consists of seven buildings, including the main hall, the Toyomiden Hall, the Liancui Hall, the Nagato Hall, and the Chikusa and Chidori Houses.

Imperial Palace East Gyoen

It has 210,000 square meters of space, including the Momoharakudo, Sannomaru Shozokan, and the halls of the club and Shurinbu, and retains the remains of the stone walls of Edo Castle.
The area is home to many bird species and is a great place to enjoy the flowers and foliage.

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Imperial Palace Gaien

A gateway to Tokyo sightseeing, with many historical sites and flora and fauna
Nijubashi Bridge, a beautiful bridge across the moat, is a great place to take a souvenir photo.

Kitanomaru Park

A forest park with four distinct seasons, ideal for relaxation, the Nippon Budokan, the Museum of Science and Technology, and the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art.

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How to get there

Sakashita Gate

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae Station Exit 6 or Toei Mita Line Otemachi Station (D2) Exit approx. 650m 15min. walk
JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Central Exit) about 1000m walk 20 minutes

Marunouchi Gate

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae Station Exit 6 or Toei Mita Line Otemachi Station (D2) Exit, about 350m, 10 minutes walk
JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Central Exit) about 700m walk 15 minutes

Otemachi Gate

Tokyo Metro each line Otemachi Station (Exit C13a) about 200m (5 minutes walk)
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nijombashi-mae Station Exit 6 about 700m (10 minutes walk)
JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi North Exit) about 1000m (15 minutes walk)

Hirakawa Gate

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takebashi Station (Exit 1a) approx. 200m (5 min. walk)

Kita-Kanagahashi Gate

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takehashi Station (Exit 1a) approx. 400 m (5 min. walk)

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