【Sightseeing】How to get to Tokyo Daijingu from JR Iidabashi Station

How to get to Tokyo Daijingu from JR Iidabashi Station

Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is popular as a power spot for loves that is said to have benefits for love fulfillment. There are reputations of being able to marry or get a boyfriend, and many women visit for their love relationship even on weekdays.

This time we will introduce you the way from JR Iidabashi Station to Tokyo Daijingu.

Exit JR Iidabashi Station West Exit. On the narrow road in front of you on your left, go straight while looking at the Japan Dental University Hospital.

Turn left at the intersection on the right. When you see the red signboard of the Yokohama-style ramen in front, turn left. Then it will arrive. The entrance looks like this.

There are many women and foreigners even on weekdays.

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This is the torii of “Tokyo Daijingu” Shiraki. It is made of Shiraki.

This is Tokyo Daijingu “Hondon”.

“Tokyo Daijingu” is a pleasant power spot. You can also buy popular amulets.

Address and official website


2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Prayer reception hours: 9:00 to 16:30
Amulet award time: 8 to 19


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