【Travel】Take Fuxin airline(trans asia), go to Macao, then Hongkong

This is the way Taking Fuxin airline(http://www.flytransasia.jp/)from Taipei To Macao、then take a ferry going to Hongkong.

It cost about 7000NT$ from Taipei to Macao. You can change the flight date and time by calling.
Their operator speaks English and chinese. There is no changing fee.

After the changing, you can print out the flight schedule with the reservation number from the site.

Fuxin airline(trans asia) is cheap but not LCC so seat is wide and there is a served meal and drink.

It take about 1 hour and 40 min flight.

When I arrived then exchange monry at the airport.

From Macau airport to the Macau Ferry Terminal going by taxi ,it costs about 60 Macao dollar.

It takes about 12,3 min.

I bought a ticket for Kowloon. I used turbojet.

I want to ride to the Kowloon bound buy the ticket of the turbojet in sales floor.

You can buy return ticket too. the round-ticket fee is about 1000NT$.

Their staff Put the seat seal on the ticket. putting your Luggage,there is a place to put in front.

Also You can get Hong Kong immigration documents on board.

The Seat is quite comfortable. I feel good. It takes about 1 hour to Hong kong.


You can deposit your luggage in the locker of the Kowloon ferry terminal.

You need 10 Hong kong dollar. 

IF the Ferry is not crowed you can take in the time before you booked.

There are post office at macao ferry terminal.

I tried to look around the Macau Airport. There are tourist information center and currency exchange etc.

If you have time, it is good to go to Hong Kong via Macao.
It is quite fun.

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