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Recommended Japanese cherry blossom spots

1.Sengokuji Temple, Shiba Park

Behind the temple is the Tokyo Tower, where the sound of the bell and the illumination of the tower are a regular part of old Tokyo’s itinerary. When the weather is warm enough for spring, the cherry blossoms bloom and the temple and the Tokyo Tower make it a classic cherry blossom viewing spot, most visited by Malaysians and Singaporeans every year.

2.Yasukuni Shrine

There is a cherry tree in Yasukuni Shrine which is designated by the Japan Meteorological Agency as the “standard flowering tree”. When it blooms five to six flowers, it means that the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are about to bloom.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit Tokyo five to six days after the blossom declaration, so that you can enjoy the cherry blossom festival in full bloom. At Yasukuni Shrine, you can also choose to enjoy the night cherry blossoms, and there will be a row of houses under the cherry trees, which is as lively as Pasar Malam in Malaysia.


【Sightseeing】Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社, yasukuni jinja) is situated in the focal point ...

3.Inokashira Park

Do you remember the Japanese drama “Tell Me You Love Me”? This classic Japanese drama was filmed almost entirely in and around this park. If you want to reminisce about every scene in the drama, come here and find out!

Apart from “Tell me you love me”, more recent dramas “Last Friends” and “Reasons why I can’t fall in love” were also filmed here. Of course, Inokashira Park is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo. Don’t miss the Ghibli Museum of Art in Mitaka no Mori, the dream castle of the master animator Hayao Miyazaki, and come and see the bean dragon and Totoro bus!

How to get to Inokashira Park
About Inokashira Park The biggest selling point of Inokashira Park is...

4.Ueno Park


Ueno Park, with its vast area, is one of the most famous flower viewing spots in Tokyo. Ueno Park has a long history of flower viewing from the Kanei period (1624-44) to the present day.

When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the park is packed with people, making it a first-class war zone for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo! If you want to enjoy the cherry blossoms in a leisurely manner, it is recommended that you go before 8:00am (or even earlier), as the early bird gets the worm!

【Tokyo】Ueno Park
This is Ueno Park (上野公園, uenokouen).If you wanna do a Hanami with clas...

5.Kiyosuji Temple

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kyoto? Apart from its famous shrine architecture, the convenience of the many sightseeing spots makes Kiyomizu-dera a popular must-see in Kyoto. The Kiyomizu Stage, surrounded by cherry blossoms, is the most anticipated sight for visitors, and the impression of Kyoto is probably all in this moment!


Arashiyama is no stranger to the maple and cherry blossom viewing. There are many famous sightseeing spots around Arashiyama that attract a lot of visitors every year during the cherry blossom season. I’m sure you’re familiar with the sights around Arashiyama, so I won’t go into details, but please don’t miss the annual lighting of the cherry blossoms at night in Nakanoshima Park! Arashiyama at night is more mysterious than in the daytime, and with the softness of the cherry blossoms, it’s a romantic experience of time and space!

Kyoto Cherry Blossom Viewing Day Tour|Arashiyama & Juukami Tilt Railroad & Nanzenji Temple & Back Cut Embankment|From Osaka
Book your one-day tour for the romantic cherry blossom season and visit the 6 major cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto.

Every spring, locals and foreign visitors alike travel from far and wide to discover the charm of this cherry blossom city! Book your tickets to Japan in spring and come and enjoy the beauty of the city!


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