How to get to Yokohama Landmark Tower

About Yokohama Landmark Tower

Yokohama Landmark Tower nearly 300 meters high, a total of 70 floors, the Minato Mirai line to sit to the Minato Mirai station down two to three minutes walk, out of the station can be seen, very conspicuous, because it is the tallest building in Japan as well as the third tallest building, the internal elevator in the world’s second block of speed, belong to the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

The Sky Garden is located on the 69th floor of the Landmark Tower, with an entrance fee of 1,000 yen and direct access by the fastest elevator in Japan. Here you can overlook the beauty of Yokohama, you can also see Mount Fuji, Tokyo Bay and the Izu Peninsula side, especially recommended to come over at night to view the scenery, the night view is more beautiful.

How to get there

From Sakuragicho Station (JR, Municipal Subway), it is a 5-minute walk from the pedestrian passage;

From Minato Mirai Station (Minato Mirai Line), it is a 3-minute walk to the 69th floor of the Landmark Building by elevator.


Adults: 1,000 yen;

High school students and over 65 years old: 800 yen;

Elementary and junior high school students: 500 yen;

Children (4 years old and above): 200 yen

Opening hours

10:00 – 21:00 (Final admission: 20:30, extended to 22:00 on Saturdays and summer holidays)


Unexpectedly, this is my favorite place in Japan. Beneath my feet is the port of Yokohama, clean and neat, as if I were in the future; while in the distance is the red brick warehouse, rustic and vicissitudes.

The Japanese have always had this knack for combining scenes from both ends of time and space in just the right way. Boarding the fastest elevator in Japan, it takes about 40 seconds to get from the 2nd floor lobby to the Sky Garden located on the 69th floor, and it is very smooth. Standing on the observation deck, which is the tallest in Japan, you can see the future port of Yokohama. 1000 yen per person.

Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden (Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden) is the highest sky observation platform in Japan “the closest place in Japan to the sky” located at The Landmark Tower 69/F. The entire floor is equipped with a 360-degree wide glass, and when you visit, you can walk around and see the Yokohama Crossing Bridge and the glamorous panoramic view of Yokohama city. On a clear day, you can see Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji from afar.

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