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About Sankeien

You can get there by city bus 8.148 system from China Street, check the official website of Sankeien, there are maps in Chinese, English and Japanese you can print, it is recommended to print out the logo of Sankeien and show it to the driver, he will remind you to get off at the station, because it takes 13 stops from China Street, and Japanese bus, if no one gets off at the station or no one gets off in the car is not stopping, take the initiative to ask the driver to make sure You will not be overstayed.

This is actually a very niche attraction, before doing the strategy is to see not many people have been there, because the main Yokohama is to play China Street and see the modern architecture. When we went there that day, we encountered new people taking pictures, and foreign architecture students coming to study and visit, so that’s all that was popular. So the park is very quiet and elegant. Suitable for a slow walk.

How to get there

From JR Negishi Station, take No. 58 or No. 99 or 101 city bus for 10 minutes. Get off at Honmoku Station and walk for about 7 minutes;

From Yokohama Station East Exit, take No. 8 or No. 148 city bus for 35 minutes. Get off at Honmoku Sankeien-mae Station and walk for about 5 minutes.


From Yokohama Station or Sakuragicho Station, there is a bus that runs to Sankeien, and it takes about 20 minutes to get there, and the return trip is also available at the next station, three or four times an hour.

It is recommended to go in the morning, the sunshine is perfect, there is a matcha experience 500 yen a piece, when there are many people can let the kimono old lady live teach to make matcha is very meaningful is raw tea flavor is strong ~ matcha office ends at 15:00

The courtyard is very quiet, everywhere is a scenery Mikei himself is the original silk trade industrialists, the courtyard is based on Kyoto Kamakura and other ancient capital buildings built or moved to the inside of the early houses is one of the few residential courtyards can enter the interior of the experience Chinese tour groups are basically not because it does not make money, but definitely more meaningful than walking through the classic shopping malls and Tokyo courtyard!

Cherry blossom viewing in spring and autumn

Trip to Sankeien

I did a lot of homework before coming to Sankeien, and I brushed up on the official website several times. Sankeien is a traditional Japanese garden park with a variety of traditional Japanese buildings, some of which are said to have been built specifically to replicate the old buildings in Kyoto. However, there is no direct subway access and you have to change buses.

When we transferred to the bus in Yokohama, an old man saw us hesitantly looking at the stop sign and asked us where we were going and told us what number of bus could reach Sankeien, and told the bus driver that we were going to Sankeien so that he could remind us to get off. After arriving at the station, a Japanese mother and son also got off the bus and asked us for directions, and we were confused (because we didn’t know either, we were just tourists.). The main entrance is about 200 meters away. 300yen of tickets are available at the vending machines.

I went inside to find out that Sankeien was having a signing event today, and many parents and children were hanging shrimp in the small pond? (I guess) casually walking, actually saw a young Japanese couple taking traditional wedding photos (Japanese wedding dresses or should I say Japanese dresses) Lunch was eaten inside the Sankey Park, chose two popular soba, perhaps the traditional Japanese approach to taste light. Later, when visiting one of the buildings, a Japanese grandmother came up and introduced us to its history, and spoke English!!! The grandmother said she was a volunteer and was eager to introduce the history of the place to visitors. The grandmother’s English was simple English sometimes mixed with Japanese, but it was really good, so hats off to the grandmother.

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