How to get to WILLER Bus Terminal Osaka Umeda

About WILLER Bus Terminal Osaka Umeda

WILLERrBus Terminal Osaka-Umeda is a spacious and clean waiting room on the first floor of the building
From Osaka Station or Umeda Station, move toward the Umeda Sky Building in “Shin-Umeda City
The 40-meter underground walkway has stairs in front and behind, making it a bit difficult to carry suitcases
The “WILLER Bus Terminal Osaka-Umeda,” where Wheeler Express buses arrive and depart, has a spacious and clean waiting room with tables for charging and coin lockers. However, it is a bit far from JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station, and the path is difficult to find.

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How to get there

The basic route is the simplest and most basic 12-minute walk from the central ticket gate of “JR Osaka Station”; in case of rain, it is possible to go through Grand Front Osaka. Even if you use the Hanshin Railway or subway, going through Osaka Station is the shortest and easiest way in the end, as there are no traffic lights or steps.

Take the escalator located in the north of the central concourse of Osaka Station and ascend toward the commercial facility “Grand Front Osaka”.

Exit to the 2nd floor atrium plaza. Follow the “Shin-Umeda City” sign in the middle of the plaza and go down to “Umekita Plaza” on the ground level.

Walk under the eaves of the skyscraper “Grand Front Osaka,” which curves in front of you on the right side, for a while.

At the end of the Grand Front Osaka building, cross the intersection and pedestrian crossing in front of you twice in an inverted L-shape. (Go to the underpass in the left front direction)

Go down to the underpass. Large luggage can easily use the ramp on this side with the same entrance and exit.

The Umeda Underground Passage is an old, dark tunnel with a minor atmosphere. It is crowded from morning to night, but…

Go up the exit stairs. The slope on this side is in the direction away from Shin-Umeda City.

After crossing the traffic light and entering the Shin-Umeda City site, go to the right immediately.

The reception/waiting room is just inside this door (07:30-23:00, after hours, from the north entrance).


Table with outlets allows charging of about 10 devices


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