How to get to Tokorozawa Aviation Museum

About Tokorozawa Aviation Museum

Although Tokorozawa Airport was occupied by the United States after World War II, it was eventually returned to Japan through the efforts of its citizens. Since Tokorozawa is the birthplace of Japanese aviation and has a long history of aviation, the establishment of the Tokorozawa Aviation Birthplace Memorial Museum was a necessity.

Located in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, the Tokorozawa Aviation Birthplace Memorial Hall was established in 1933 as a memorial hall dedicated to the history of Japanese aviation.

It is located on Japan’s first airfield, which was opened in 1911 when Yoshitoshi Tokugawa made the first flight in Japan, and the original single runway still exists. The area outside the memorial hall was opened as Tokorozawa Aviation Park to house those aircraft. The hall houses and displays various types of aircraft from Japan’s history, including the Kaishake-1, Newport 81E1, North American T-6G, 9-1 fighter, Fuji T-1 trainer, Stinson L-5E, Sikorsky S-55, etc.

How to get there

Public transportation: Seibu Kuki Koen Station→8 min. walk
Car: 6 km 30 min. from Tokorozawa IC of Kanetsu Expressway via Route 463


Open: 9:30-17:00 Closed: Mondays *If a Monday falls on a national holiday, the museum will be closed on the following weekday.
Fee Adults: 510 yen Exhibition hall admission Children: 100 yen Exhibition hall admission

This facility is within walking distance from Kokuoku Koen Station and adjacent to the park. I was impressed by the display of airplanes with the name of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and those with the name of Honda. Actually, I had always thought that Henri Farman was a person’s name, and it was not until I came to this museum that I learned that it was the name of an airplane. I learned one thing! I think this is a place for children and people who like aircraft to enjoy!


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