How to get to Omiya Bonsai Village

About Omiya Bonsai Village

Omiya Bonsai Village is the general name for the area north of Omiya Park in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, in the Kanto region of Japan, and is known throughout Japan as a bonsai cultivation area.

Bonsai plants strive to express the fusion of time, space, and natural landscape, and are more beautiful than beautiful; they embody the author’s rich sensibility for the change of seasons, his beautiful tribute to life, and his keen aesthetic sense. As a traditional art, Japanese bonsai have long been known around the world, and Omiya Bonsai Village is one of the representatives.

Omiya Bonsai Village was formed around 1925, mainly because Tokyo gardeners and bonsai artists, who suffered from the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, moved to the Omiya area in search of vast land and fresh water and air suitable for bonsai cultivation, and worked hard here to bring the area to its present size. It is one of Japan’s leading bonsai towns, attracting not only bonsai enthusiasts from all over Japan, but also visitors from overseas, especially during the “Obonamiya Festival” held from May 3 to 5 every year.

How to get there

5 min. walk from Tobu Noda Line Omiya Koen Station

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00, varies according to each bonsai garden, generally during the daytime
Closed: Thu. Temporary closing may occur depending on each bonsai garden.


Due to the location, which is also the address of Bonsai-cho, many bonsai circles are gathered here. It is meaningful to see many bonsai just from the outside. The town used to be a place where hedges were essential, so the streets are lush and beautiful.


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