How to get to Sakurajima island

About Sakurajima island

Sakurajima is a small island and an active volcano in the sea located across the river from Kagoshima City at an altitude of 1,117 meters. It has erupted repeatedly more than 30 times until now, and the largest eruption in 1914 spread to the land of the Okuma Peninsula. The island is a 15-minute ferry ride from Kagoshima Harbor, where you can visit the historical remains of the Sakurajima eruption. The remains of buildings up to 3 meters high that are buried in mountain ash and debris are the most spectacular, and you can feel the power of the volcano’s eruption firsthand.

How to get there

(1)Kagoshima Main Port/Ferry/15 min.


Rent a car in Kagoshima City and take a ferry to Sakurajima. It was about 30 km around the island. We stopped at all the observation points on the island, but I recommend the Arimura Lava Observatory the most. The old man at the store wrapped volcanic ash in a small bag, which made my child happy.


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