How to get to Osaka Castle Park/Osaka Castle Tenshukaku

About Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park, located in the center of the city, is a sizable urban garden and is one of the must-see spots for every visitor to Osaka.

The Osaka Castle Tenshokaku stands in the middle of the park and is the irreplaceable symbol of Osaka. From the top of the pavilion, you can see the entire city of Osaka.

In spring, cherry blossoms bloom in Osaka Castle Park, and the Nishinomaru Garden in the park is the perfect place to enjoy them. There are more than 600 cherry blossoms in the park, and the picture is quite wonderfully romantic in spring when they are in full bloom, with the classical Tensho-kaku as the background, full of Japanese style.

How to get to Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park Station: 18 minutes on foot
Morinomiya Station: 18 minutes on foot
Temmabashi Station: 18 minutes on foot
Osaka Business Park Station: 18 minutes on foot
Tanimachi Yonchome Station: 19 minutes on foot
Osakajo Kitazume Station: 21 minutes on foot

Explore Osaka Castle Park

The air here is very fresh in the morning, and many people come here every day to run and exercise. After all, there are not many places in the center of Japan that have such a wide area of greenery and a lake.

I was impressed to see the students wearing shorts, and I slowly realized that I was really old, wearing a pair of warm pants inside and a pair of jeans outside, but I still felt cold legs. The park’s plum forest is still its winter season, after all, it’s not really the flower season, plum blossoms have not opened, the number is basically bare. But into the garden to take a look, not all are completely tree branches, there are one or two plum trees seem to have waited for the arrival of spring, competing to open, afraid of a hundred flowers blooming, was compared to others, when indeed no flowers comparable, the most beautiful is they.

Although the flowers are not yet in full bloom, people are already coming to enjoy the flowers, take pictures, and draw pictures, so you can imagine what kind of a scene it will be in the flowering season. It is said that the park’s 600 cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the spring, and the Nishinomaru Garden in the park is the perfect place to see them.

It is only when you arrive at Osaka Castle Park that you really realize how much the Japanese love the cherry blossom season. Everyone spreads picnic cloths on the ground and sits on the ground. They share the snacks and wine they brought, chat, sing and dance, and everyone has a smile on their face, and that’s when you see another side of the Japanese people. No longer a strict and introverted person, but a warm and spirited one.

The cherry blossom trees along the riverbank are full of people who come out for picnic.


Cherry blossoms belong to the first fading stage after full bloom, if you arrive around March 28th, the flowers will bloom more fully.

The grilled squid sauce here is a bit too much, honestly not as good as our Sichuan grilled squid.

Hovering in Osaka Castle, although mostly nostalgic, but less sad. The huge stone walls and the solid inner castle are calm and solemn, and the flying eaves of the Tensho-kaku stacked on top of each other plunge straight into the blue sky. And the contrasting colors of the white walls and green tiles add to the beauty of the natural simplicity.


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Meet Japanese Freinds


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