How to get to Omachi-dori Shopping Street

About Omachi-dori Shopping Street

Omachi-dori Shopping Street is one of the shopping streets that constitute the downtown street of Matsuyama, with a total length of 483 meters and a width of 15 meters. It is a pedestrian street with an arcade type roof. In addition to clothing stores and stores for daily necessities, there are many amusement parks. On the north side of the shopping street, there is a department store, Matsuyama Mitsukoshi, and a complex commercial facility, AEL Matsuyama, which is adjacent to the cable car street across the main street.

To the south, it is adjacent to Matsuyama Genten Street across the street. In summer, there is also a Saturday night market.

How to get there

Get off at the Iyo Railroad Omigai station.

1 Chome-2 Ōkaidō, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken 790-0004


There is a morning market here, where you can buy things cheaply; there are all kinds of things to eat and play. There is also a drugstore, so it is a relatively lively and busy place in Matsuyama.

The shopping street is right across the street from the hotel, so I went inside at night to find a place to eat, and shopping is also good, with drug stores and MUJI.

It is one of the shopping areas in the center of Matsuyama. It is a pedestrian street with arcades partially covering the ceiling. Okaichi is considered the most popular shopping street in Matsuyama. There are train bus stops and many hotels on both sides of the intersection of Okaichi Shopping Street (such as ANA, Hotel Radiance Okaichi, Tokyu Hotel, Daiwa Ruchi, etc.), so it is very convenient for food, lodging and transportation. 5 minutes walk from the north side of the intersection of Okaichi Shopping Street, you can reach Matsuyama Castle Cable Car Station and Sakagami-no-un Museum.

The shopping street with a canopy has a tram stop and a long-distance bus stop at the north end, which is also right across the road to Matsuyama Castle. There are small stores and restaurants right next to the main street, which is very life-like, and Mitsukoshi Department Store is right next to the north exit, which is very convenient! The entrance of dormy inn is also on the street, which is easy to find.

A lot of good food, many stores, shopping is very convenient

It is very lively, and there are performances on Saturday and Sunday. There is a big muji when you enter the main street, and there are many izakayas inside, but most of them are only open until 22:00 local time, so you should go early.


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