How to get to Dogo Hot Spring Main Building

About Dogo Hot Spring Main Building

There are many places in the world that boast of being the setting for “A Thousand and One”, and I have been to all of those places myself, but now, when I came here, I realized who deserves to be the real setting!

At sunset, the historic wooden pillar tiles and the wooden lattice windows with colored glazing all add more romantic and mysterious colors to this hot spring house that is supposed to appear in the secondary world. The long lines of tourists from home and abroad in yukata waiting to feel the hot spring water of one of the “Three Great Ancient Springs of Japan” are a reminder of the bustle of monsters in the anime.


400 yen for a half-hour soak

How to get there

1-7, Dogo-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

Take the JR Matsuyama Station front line and get off at “Dogo Onsen Station”, about 3 minutes walk away.


You can go directly to Dogo Onsen Station by train from the main street, and if you have enough time, you can consider taking the most unique young master train. Located in Matsuyama City, a castle town (outer town) of Matsuyama Castle, Dogo Onsen has a history of 3,000 years and is one of the three oldest springs in Japan (the other two are Arima Onsen and Shirahama Onsen).

But what made it famous was the novel “Young Master” by Natsume Soseki. I have read both the novel and the movie, but I prefer the movie of the same name “Young Master” starring Kazuya Ninomiya, because! It was starring Ninomiya. I got off the train and searched for traces of the novel, and I felt great! We walked along the road to the famous Dogo Onsen Main Building. There are many unique stores in the shopping street, including bean stores, sesame stores, yamaboko stores, and various confectionery stores…

The main building was built in 1894 as a three-story wooden structure and was the only public bath used by the Emperor of Japan. It has been designated as a national important cultural property.

After seeing the real thing, I’m even more sure that this is the prototype place for the baths of Granny Yu in Hayao Miyazaki’s “A Thousand and One”! Queue number, a total of four packages, two types of baths, God’s Soup and Spirit’s Soup, but unfortunately the Spirit’s Soup has to be reserved in advance, the day has been full, only the first floor and the second floor of the God’s Soup can be about. So I made a reservation for the second floor Kami no yu (including yukata, tea and pancakes) Cost: 840 for the original ticket, 630 after using the “Journey to the West” transportation pass, 100 for bag storage, and 30 for towel rental.

While waiting for your reservation, you can go to the adjacent Young Master Plaza for a stroll.


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