How to get to Mt. Tsukuba

About Mt. Tsukuba

Mt. Tsukuba is a mountain located at the northern end of Tsukuba City in the southern part of the Kanto region of Japan, with an altitude of 877 meters. It consists of the male (871 meters above sea level) and female (877 meters above sea level) mountains on the west side and is often compared to Mount Fuji for its beauty.

Mt. Tsukuba is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, and has a long history of being a center of mountain faith. Mt. Tsukuba is also a beautiful mountain, and there is a famous poem about its beauty in The Manyoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry. From mid-February to mid-March every year, the huge rocky outcrops on the mountain and the forest of plum trees in full bloom create a unique and beautiful scenery that conquers visitors from all over the world.

The summit of Mt. Tsukuba is a great place to view the scenery, and on a clear day you can enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Fuji and the skyscrapers of Tokyo in the distance. In addition, using the cable car and aerial lift, visitors can easily enjoy a round-trip hike on the same day.

How to get there

(1)40 minutes by Mt. Tsukuba Shuttle Bus from Tsukuba Center at Tsukuba Station, TX (alight at Mt. Tsukuba Shrine Entrance)
(2)50 minutes by Mt. Tsukuba Shuttle Bus from Tsukuba Station Tsukuba Center, TX (alight at Tsutsujigaoka)
(3)30 minutes by car from the Tsuchiura Kita IC of Joban Expressway
(4)30 minutes by car from the Sakuragawa-Chikusei IC of the Kita-Kanto Expressway


We parked our car near the cable car station, took the cable car up to the top, walked for about 15 minutes, and took the ropeway down on the way back. Perhaps because it was a Sunday afternoon, there was a long line of people waiting for the ropeway on the way back. The wait was very long and tiring.
The views from the top of the mountain and from the ropeway were great.
I regret that I should have gone earlier in the morning.


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