How to get to Lake Okutama

About Lake Okutama

Located in the western part of Tokyo, more than 100 kilometers away, Lake Okutama is a man-made lake formed by the Ogouchi Reservoir, which was cut off from the upper reaches of the Tama River, and belongs to Chichibu Tama National Park, the closest national park to the Tokyo metropolitan area. The man-made structures are in perfect harmony with the natural landscape, with cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snowy views in winter from a thrilling pontoon bridge made of oil drums.

There is a small Kawauchi Shrine in front of the corner of the mountain jutting out into the lake, where people pay homage to the nine shrines and their eleven priestesses, which are submerged in the bottom of the lake. Every fall people make offerings to the gods with the Kashima Odori dance and the traditional Japanese shishimai (lion dance), and they have been designated a Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Property. The Okutama area is also famous for its hot springs.

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The water is colorless, transparent, and cold with sulfur content, which makes the skin very smooth. In Akiruno City and Hinohara Village in the Okuza-shiki and Okutama districts of Tokyo, there are hot spring facilities that visitors can easily enter, such as “Soma-no-yu,” “Smooth Skin Hot Spring Center,” and “Moe Onion-no-yu. Hot spring facilities are easily accessible to visitors. It is also nice to take a hot spring bath after a trip to the Okutama area.

How to get there

Hara, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 198-0223
Access:15 minutes by bus from Okutama Station (get off at Okutama-ko bus stop)


When Lake Okutama comes into view from the Okutama Circular Road, the autumn leaves are very beautiful.
The parking lot is well maintained.
There are few restaurants.
There are beverage vending machines in the parking lot.


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