How to get to Ueno Zoo

About Ueno Zoo

First of all, Ueno Zoo is in Ueno Park, and Ueno Park is in Ueno.

Ueno Park is a large park with museums, art galleries, etc. The Ueno Zoo is in the northern part of the park, and the picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Also attached is a map of the Ueno Zoo campus, which can be enlarged by clicking on it.
There are two east gardens and two west gardens, so there are also two entrances.
You can walk between the two gardens or take the monorail (gray line in the middle of the map)


Adult (16-64) 600 yen
Children (0-12) Free
Seniors (65+) 300 yen
Free admission day.
# Anniversary of the establishment of Ueno Zoo March 20
# Arbor Day May 4
# Tokyo Citizen’s Day October 1

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How to get there

JR/Tokyo Metro/Keisei Train, get off at Ueno Station, 5 minutes walk.
Tokyo Metro Nezu Station, 10 minutes walk.

A more specific diagram is shown below.

Official web site

Ueno Zoo is the zoo with the highest number of visitors in Japan. Although Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City exceeds Asahiyama Zoo in the number of monthly visitors in some months, Asahiyama Zoo is the number one zoo in Japan in terms of annual visitors. In FY2006, the Ueno Zoo had 3.54 million visitors (up 980,000 from the previous year), while Asahiyama Zoo had 3.54 million (up 980,000 from the previous year). The Asahiyama Zoo had approximately 2.77 million visitors, and the gap between the two has been rapidly shrinking.

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