How to get to Goryou shrine

About Goryou shrine

It was built in the late Heian period and the exact date is not available.

How to get there

10-minute walk from Jokurakuji Station and 5-minute walk from Nagaya Station on Enoshima Electric Railway.

4-9 Sakanoshita, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa


Goryou shrine, which I accidentally came across, happens to have a group of clergy singing

Goryou shrine with some history

During the season of purple sunflowers, when you walk from Enoden Nagaya Station to Jokurakuji Temple after visiting Chokurakuji Temple and Kamakura Daibutsu, you will definitely pass by Goryo Shrine, which is about a ten-minute walk and has a small area. People who come here set up their cameras at the railway entrance to capture the moment when Enoden comes out of the tunnel entrance. The train in motion is surrounded by purple sunflowers, which is very beautiful.

During the season, there are many people who go here to take pictures of Enoden through the flowers, so it is hard to get a good spot, so we recommend waiting for a few more trains if you have enough time.
A lot of people shot the river of electricity and left, in fact, the shrine yard is quiet and cool, there are also a lot of white purple sunflower, suitable for girls to shoot photos of girlfriends photos or something.


Free of charge

Recommended shooting time: early to late June when the purple sunflower is in full bloom
Tripod situation: No need
Description: The scene at the entrance of Goryo Shrine is as good as the Arashi-den Cherry Blossom Tunnel in Kyoto. Many people come to Kamakura every year from early to late June because of the purple sunflowers (called hydrangeas in China), so I guess this spot is also in high demand. At the time I took the picture, the purple sunflowers were not yet in full bloom, but I took it anyway on the principle that I was here. As with the dunking road crossing, the river of electricity about 5-10 minutes to come once, a chance to have two trips in the opposite direction, but it is still recommended to shoot the trip from the hole, because the lights are on more beautiful.
TIPS: this location in the railway is very close, when shooting must pay attention to safety, more do not die into the railway tracks .Such a good location must not be prohibited because of the behavior of tourists ah.

If there is no mistake, the two homes at the entrance of this sacred temple are the houses where the hero and heroine live in “The Second Countdown to Love”, so I stayed there for a long time.

June plum rainy season, the sea of purple sun flowers. There are patches of purple sunflowers on both sides of the railway track in front of the shrine, and you can take the classic picture of the old Enoden and hydrangea together. The shrine is free and very quiet.

Chihame homecoming and Chihame home, must be full marks. A very quiet and very Japanese literary section of the road, starting from that Jokurakuji station to get off and walk.

Goryou shrine is not far from the Kamakura Buddha, in addition to being able to shoot the Enoden mini-train coming out of the tunnel, there is also a husband and wife ginkgo tree inside the shrine, which can bless a successful marriage.

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