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What is the FASTPASS?

We all know that Tokyo Disney Resort area is called the world’s most profitable Disney, attracts more than 30 million crowd, many people worry about rides queuing time, there is now after FASTPASS service, you can save a lot of queuing for time!

If you want to go to Tokyo Disney Resort Park, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

Buy discount tickets

Called “Disney’s Fastpass” the FASTPASS, as the name suggests is to let you save queuing time, the speedy passage outside, but also save time and enjoy the use of the park facilities or other dishes !

How can I  get the FASTPASS ?

step 1 can be good on the map search facility which has FP logo, and nearby facilities FASTPASS automatic issuing machine
step2 let automatic issuing machine reads the bar code on your ticket (in the case of Disney e ticket holders friends, can put things off ticket is good, then two-dimensional bar code read up)
after step3 finished reading, the opportunity to send automatically send coupons printed on the speedy passage of a specified period of admission ticket
step4 until the specified time period, you can hold fast pass ticket to enjoy the speedy passage of the facility services yo!

FASTPASS What precautions with rules and regulations?

1. In the nearby area automatic issuing machine can first see the specified time, so you can efficiently organize their time to get tickets before.
2. While the voucher to get a fast pass, but it is possible because of equipment maintenance, or other factors not guarantee admission yo!
3. a fast pass ticket only one person, so the peer partners who want to get a toll ticket everyone can play with yo!
4. Each ticket can only draw a speedy passage of coupons.
5. want to extract more than one fast pass ticket, then, to put on a finish or after the next time stated on the ticket issued ticket time before you can get the next one!
6. must be used within a specified period of time on the ticket.
7. speedy passage of bills may be due to the operating conditions have been suspended or sale is completed in advance.
8. Since the sale would be completed early, everyone goes to the park do not forget to go to draw votes yo!

What facilities offer FASTPASS services?

Big Thunder Mountain

When you wander west park WESTERNLAND time, you can see this brown Thunder Mountain Hello! Take the fun outdoors mining vehicle, on the rise, it is also possible to hold the excitement and nervousness to see Tokyo Disneyland scenery yo ~

Splash Mountain

CRITTER COUNTRY bit of Splash Mountain, one can say quite popular rides yo! Although just a mountain outside, inside, but quite exciting! Dive from 45 degrees which falls down, spray splashing in the body, summer Laizheliwan super cool!

Haunted Mansion

Tokyo Disneyland is a super fun place, but ultimately a little strange atmosphere rides at Tokyo Disneyland would like to see the bizarre phenomenon, welcome to FANTASYLAND the Haunted Mansion! See how many you can find a ghost in this?

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Went FANTASYLAND this area, it is easy to be a Big Pooh storybook attracted to! Whether it is the appearance or internal facilities, take honey pot are super cute! Winnie the Pooh together quickly followed immersed in the sweetness of the honey in the world in it.

Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!

The facility is located TOMORROWLAND interior design is too delicate cute! Are you familiar with the figures who have quietly appeared in the whole scene which, together with a flashlight looking for fast monsters! See if you can find how many?

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

The facility is the same as in TOMORROWLAND, presumably “Star Wars” fans, no strangers! Full of sci-fi 3D images with you participate in a tour of the vast universe, or something more to say after the end of it.

Space Mountain

What stimulated in TOMORROWLAND rides it? That is the Space Mountain! Light from the outside, it kind of came to feel the high-tech world, the blue light and a unique interior space headquarters, as if through time and space to let you come to another fantasy space!

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters

Finally came TOMORROWLAND of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, want with a friend next to you together a fun game? Into the indoor facility, you can start shooting at the target and see how you can get results!

What is the single knight? Take turns?

If you can not draw good FASTPASS want to play Splash Mountain, I saw that long waiting times, how to do? This time you can use “Single Rider Single Riders’ way to play this facility yo! Single Rider is that if you do not mind a man riding facility, you can from a single Knights dedicated entrance, if there is sporadic location, priority will be arranged seating Oh! But also save a lot of time in the way to do it! (Now Tokyo Disney Land within just Splash Mountain applicable)
In addition, “in turn take the Alternate Ride System” that is, when fellow tourists because of restrictions on height or age can not ride, you can take turns to accompany the visitors, with a shorter waiting time turns riding some facilities.

Facilities until finally want to play it! Do not forget to give yourself a commemorative photo

We all know that when playing recreational facilities, for safety sake, do not take the same time to come up with a mobile phone or a camera, but it wanted to see with his companion’s face it? Came to Tokyo Disneyland ride “Splash Mountain”, it would be “Cameroon rub!” Moment captured dive in! There may be a smile from ear to ear, there may be scared, this fun photo with Tokyo Disneyland defined package is definitely a memorable gift! Yo purchase is also very simple to find your own photo ID at the exit, the selected style and tell the clerk will get back a receipt, to finish near the counter you can receive money to pay their own unique instant photo Hello!

FASTPASS not able to get, do not worry! Mark Twain number together take a luxury tour American River!

In isochronous FASTPASS specified time or not able to get FASTPASS, can take a luxury cruise Tokyo Disneyland “Mark Twain No. Mark Twain Riverboat,” Oh! Can carry about 475 people, three-story mega cruise along the American River about 12 minutes a round voyage, from all sides of the natural landscape, the pioneering period of humanities, tribe or is simulation wildlife … and so on, a panoramic view. Since there is no height restrictions, it is suitable for the whole family together to enjoy a leisurely quiet rings river time!

If you want to go to Tokyo Disney Resort Park, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

Buy discount tickets

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