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About Ramen shop

The current headquarters, Tsubaki Shokudo, was the first to open a ramen store.

In terms of genre, it is Tokyo tonkotsu ramen.

The GOOD MORNING Ramen Shop, located at the location of the headquarters, is loved by many as the original ramen store.

From there, the chain has expanded to include more than 300 ramen stores in various locations.

However, since the area where the stores are located is not nationwide, some people are unaware of their existence.

Negi Ramen(ramen noodles with spring onions)

The oil and broth that goes with the green onions and the thin noodles. The volume is also very tasty.
The waitresses at the restaurant were extremely friendly, and I had their famous Negi Ramen. The taste was outstanding and the place was crowded with local students.

Speaking of ramen shop, I put in a large bottle of “fresh garlic” and “raa-jang” in a large bottle. After about 1/3 of the soup and noodles, I put in a large amount of them. I feel that the addition of these two things raises the one-lakun flavor of the dish to the level of “I knew this was it.

If I have a chance to revisit, I would like to try the Negi Ramen with hardened noodles.

The simple, old-fashioned, nostalgic taste is addictive. The restaurant is not large, but it is clean and has seats for children to eat, etc. The employees are energetic and pleasant!

Miso Ramen

Ramen noodles are very thin.
The soup was easy to drink, kind to my tummy.
I felt the driver would like this ramen.

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