【Market】Matsudo South market

The Matsudo southern market is not only business people but also general consumers can visit market to buy a safe good food products.

The market is just as same size as Tokyo Dome, They sell products from vegetables to fruits fish, meat, flower etc. They handle a wide variety of goods.

You can visit them whenever you like.

They open from 5am to 1pm. I came evening so most stores were closed.

Some sushi shop was open. 

Looks delicious.

There are a lot of restaurants.


There is also their official site, it seems they have been held flea market. The official site has been completed nice in detail. Please check the access method.

Every month the second and fourth Saturday, They hold event, and There is a market festival in November every year.


Matsudo South market
Matsudo Shinden Matsudo Chiba 270-2241
Official web site:http://www.matsudo-nanbuichiba.com/

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