Ice cream Mona-Oh

What is Mona-Oh?

Mona-Oh is a lacto ice cream and ice milk from Lotte (Lotte Ice Cream) sold at convenience stores and mass merchandisers. It is an iced monaka with vanilla ice cream inside.

In addition to Uji green tea and Hokkaido adzuki-bean paste flavors, there is also a “Salted Mona-Oh <Milk>” available only in Kyushu.


The vanilla is delicious.

Delicious texture when chewed and rich vanilla when melted.

Uji green tea

Like the vanilla, the ice cream is not rich and light, and you will never get tired of it.
When I tried it, I did not feel the matcha flavor as much as I expected.
It is delicious, but the matcha is not as strong as expected, and it is slightly mild.

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