8 tips for getting a reservation at Kirby Cafe

Are you having trouble getting a reservation at the Kirby Cafe?

Here are some tips on how the Kirby Cafe reservation process works and how to get a reservation.

How to make reservations for Kirby Cafe

Reservations are required and can only be made through the official Kirby Cafe reservation website.
Reservations cannot be made by phone.

Reservations for the following month can be made from 18:00 on the 10th of each month.

Reservations for Kirby Cafe TOKYO fill up within 5 minutes of the start of reservations, so it is essential to attend the reservations from 6:00 p.m. on the 10th.

Reservation start date: 10th of every month
Reservation start time: 18:00~.
Until the reservation is filled: 5 minutes (TOKYO only)

1. Go to the reservation page of Kirby Cafe TOKYO
2.Read the notes carefully.
3. Check the box at the bottom of the page that says “I have read and agree to the above information.
Click the “Proceed to Reservation” button immediately below.

4.Click the “Proceed to Reservation” button to switch the screen, and a pop-up window will appear telling you that the 10-minute reservation time limit will begin.

5.Press “OK” on the pop-up that comes up.
6.Select the number of people for the reservation (1-8 people).
This selection of the number of people is very important. Explanation will follow later.
*If you need a seat even for a child, or if you are coming with a stroller, it will be counted as “1” person.

When you select the number of people, the reservation date selection screen (list) will appear at the bottom of it.

7.Select a date and time.

9.Enter personal information (first name, last name, furigana, phone number, and e-mail address)
Mobile carrier e-mails are deprecated. It has been reported that many confirmation e-mails are not received.
9.Select about birthday month celebration
10.Select whether or not you wish to receive a congratulatory message.
11. Select the type of message from 4 types.
*Additional message text input (up to 10 characters) depending on the choice
12.Select whether to have music or not
13.Press “Confirm input contents
14.Confirm that the information entered is correct.
15.Read the “Handling of Personal Information Received in this Form” at the bottom of the form to the end.
If you do not read to the end, you will not be able to put a ☑ in the “I agree to the handling of personal information” box.
16.Insert ☑ in the “□I agree to the handling of personal information.
It is optional to ☑receive notification e-mails from the restaurant and its affiliated restaurants.
17.Press the “Confirm Reservation” button.
18.The screen will switch to the reservation completion screen.
19.Remember your reservation number (very important)
*If you do not receive an email, you can use this number to contact us!
This completes your reservation.

Points to note after making a reservation

(1) If you are unable to go on the reserved date, be sure to process the cancellation.

Cancel from the “Click here to cancel” link in the reservation confirmation e-mail at least one day before your visit.
It is possible to reduce the number of people on the website, but some changes may not be possible, so do not hesitate to call if it does not work.
If you are unsure about cancellations, it is OK to call the store directly.

Kirby Cafe TOKYO: 03-3622-5577
Kirby Cafe HAKATA: 092-710-4279

When you call, have your reservation number ready at hand so that you can give it to them immediately.
If you do not go without the cancellation procedure, you will not be able to make future reservations!

(2) On the day of the appointment, you must come to the store [15 minutes before the appointment time]! You need to show your reservation completion e-mail and ID card!

If you do not know the above, please tell the person in charge your registered phone number. If you do not know the above, please tell the person in charge your registered phone number and we will accept your reservation as soon as it is confirmed.
The website states that “If you do not know the above, please tell the person in charge your registered phone number, and we will accept your reservation as soon as we confirm your identity.

(3) The same number of people as the number of reservations will come to the store.

If the number of people is different from the number of reservations, they may be refused entry.
*If a parent or guardian has taken a reservation for a child: the parent or guardian must be present to confirm the reservation.

(4) If you are more than 10 minutes late, your reservation will be cancelled.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, including delays in public transportation, your reservation will be cancelled.
Be sure to arrive at the site with plenty of time to spare.

(5)Your leaving time cannot be extended under any circumstances.

In any of the following cases, the time for leaving the restaurant will not be extended: if you arrive late for any reason, if you use a canceled seat, or if the restaurant is late in showing you to the restaurant.
In the case of failure to serve food, the order will be cancelled after confirmation.

Reservation of canceled slots

An “○” will be restored to the canceled slot on the reservation site and the reservation will be available.

This reservation procedure remains the same even if you cancel on the same day.

Please note that even if you go directly to the store, you will not be able to enter unless you have made a reservation on the reservation site.

Reservation tips for Kirby Cafe TOKYO

(1) Arrange a date when you can go in the middle or the end of the month.
(2) Make reservations for one or two people
(3) Make reservations by PC
(4)Practice the reservation process on the reservation page in advance.
(5)Check the same Internet environment and time zone (18:00) as the day of the reservation to see if there are any slowdowns (on the TOKYO reservation page).
(6) The first minute is the crucial one, so push “○” around the desired time.
(7) After 3 minutes, repeat “reload => click ‘○'”.
(8) Make a reservation with a large number of people.

When making a reservation at Kirby’s Cafe, the time slots that can be selected from the beginning depend on the number of people making a reservation.

Number of reservations Time slots available Number of reservation slots
1 to 2 people All time slots 34 x number of business days in a month
(Some variation depending on the business hours)
3-4 people 11:00, 12:35, 14:10, 15:45, 17:20, 18:55, 20:30, and other time slots 27 x number of business days in a month
(with some variation in hours of operation)
5-8 persons 11:00, 12:35, 14:10, 15:45, 17:20, 18:55, 20:30, and only during the hours of 7 x the number of business days in a month
(with some variation in the hours of operation)
As you can see from the table, 1 to 2 people have a large number of reservation slots to choose from, which is definitely advantageous.

More reservation slots are displayed on a PC than on a smartphone.

Practice scrolling through the TOKYO reservation page to instantly display the times you have targeted.

It is important to confirm that there are no problems with operation in the same Internet environment and time zone (6:00 p.m.) as on the day of the reservation.

The first minute is the game.

Put all your energy into clicking the “○” for the desired time.

Before the day changes (around 10:00 p.m.), I keep checking the next day’s reservation slots frequently to see if any “○” appears.

If you still can’t get the reservation..

If you still cannot get a reservation, there is a take-out method that does not require a reservation.
It is cheaper than eating at a restaurant by 170 yen to 400 yen, there are takeout-only menus, and there are other advantages, so you can enjoy takeout this time and try to make a reservation again next time.

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